Viagra Rape defense recognized by court as "contributing factor "

Israeli Court Rejects Viagra Defense, By The Associated Press

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) -- An Israeli court convicted a man of rape Tuesday, rejecting his argument that Viagra caused him to lose control but conceding that it was a contributing factor in the assault.
Viagra for Men, News for Women!
Anatoly Vitznudel, 52, confessed to charges that he kidnapped his 43-year-old neighbor at knifepoint and drove her to a forest near Tel Aviv in an attempt to extort money from her.

Vitznudel denied rape, saying his victim consented to oral sex and even supplied him with Viagra. He said he lost control after taking the drug.

The court said the Viagra clearly belonged to Vitznudel, although his victim also was carrying a supply.

The medication was a contributing factor in the rape, said Judge Natan Amit, writing the verdict for the three-judge panel.

Sentencing was set for a later date.

The perpetrator apparently made a serious error: Although both he and she had a supply of Viagra with them, had he used her Viagra rather than his, he apparently would have gotten off!

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