Dullea wins money judgment in court battle against the USCF

In a glorious victory over the forces of evil, former Acting Executive Director of the United States Chess Federation, Gerald Dullea, has won a substantial court victory over the USCF, resulting in a money judgment in the upper-three figures.

Gerald Dullea, who had been Executive Director for the USCF prior to being fired in the mid-1980s, was brought back from the political dead with the firing of Mike Cavallo as Executive Director on October 1, 1999. Dullea was asked to serve as Acting Executive Director from October 15 until a permanent Executive Director could be found. Dullea served as Acting Executive Director from October 15, 1999 until February 15, 2000, when George DeFeis was appointed as permanent executive director.

However, two disputes arose over whether Dullea was awarded a consulting contract as a going away present. DeFeis quickly decided that he did not need or want Mr. Dullea's consulting services and "fired" him. Dullea did no work as a consultant. When Dullea threatened to sue, DeFeis offered him a settlement of $2000. Dullea rejected the settlement and filed suit in Small Claims Court for $3500.

After a trial in Small Claims Court, Dullea won a judgment in the upper-three figures. The judge awarded him a judgment in the amount of $800.

On his last day in office as Acting Executive Director, Gerald Dullea awarded his political ally, Tom Dorsch, the TD title. This action has since been declared illegal, null and void, because Dorsch never took and passed the required TD test.

This plus filing suit against the USCF makes it unlikely that, if the USCF ever again needs someone to fill-in as Acting Executive Director, it will call upon Gerald Dullea to serve in that capacity.

Sam Sloan

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