USCF Position on FIDE Commerce

To whom it may interest: the following motion on the FIDE Commerce proposal was proposed by USCF Vice-President John McCrary and adopted by the USCF Executive Board:

( McCrary ) " The US Chess Federation adopts the following official position:

The US Chess Federation ( USCF ) endorses the concept of a strong world organization of chess players, which supports a system of competitions for the strongest players in the world culminating in a valid world championship. The USCF also firmly embraces the principles of freedom of action and freedom of speech that are the foundation of the American way of life. In accordance with these principles, the USCF adopts the following position with respect to the FIDE Commerce proposal as it has been presented:

1) The USCF cannot accept any regulation that limits journalistic freedom or freedom of expression for any individual, or interferes with the efforts of free enterprise to promote chess. The USCF cannot recognize a censure, boycott, sanction, or other restricting or punitive action that contradicts our principles of freedom of action, speech, or the press, or that is imposed for behavior that does not violate the USCF's Code of Ethics.

2) The USCF must reserve the right to recognize or withhold recognition of any world championship event or title, in accordance with the principles established by our Board of Delegates regarding the validity of the World Championship title. The USCF endorses the principle of compromise in helping to bring about a universally-accepted world championship.

3) The USCF endorses working toward a more logical program of high-profile tournaments and toward cooperative Internet ventures, and might be willing to consider entering contractual arrangements toward those ends. Questions of open accounting and legitimacy of funding must be addressed prior to any such arrangement and as part of any such arrangement.

4) The USCF considers that conflict-of-interest issues must be satisfactorily addressed in any plan to grant economic interest in any venture to any person or organization within FIDE, or any other organization affiliated with FIDE, or to give voting rights to any individual or organization whose financial gain would be affected by the exercise of such voting rights.

5) The USCF considers that any plan to be put into effect must have the approval of the FIDE General Assembly and must not be inconsistent with the principles in this position statement.

6) The USCF Delegate or representative to FIDE is instructed to act in accordance with this motion.


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