Gennifer Flowers: Now the Best Thing to Ever Happen to President Clinton

When the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, Clinton's long standing enemies jumped at the thought that this might bring down the President and lead to his impeachment.

They were wrong, because they forgot about Gennifer Flowers.

Because of Gennifer Flowers, not only has Clinton's popularity not suffered, but it has reached an all time high.

Why is that?, you ask.

The reason is that, long before Clinton ran for president, there was a woman who claimed to have had a 12-year-long affair with him, while he was married to Hillary.

Everybody knew about her. Nobody seriously doubted the truth of her story. Yet, this had no effect on his presidential campaign. Her only allegation which seemed serious at all was that she said that when Clinton had sex with her, he did not use a condom. While this set a poor example for today's youth, it did not stop Clinton from scoring an upset victory over the incumbent George Bush, about whom it was rumored that Bush did not have sex at all.

Gennifer Flowers was a beautiful woman. Men are genetically programmed to seek sex with beautiful women. Everybody knows that. This does not affect a man's ability to govern, most agree.
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Within the past few weeks, allegations have appeared in the world press that Clinton had sex with Monica Lewinsky, Cristy Zercher, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Nancy Hernreich, Susan McDougal, Debra Schiff, Sherrie Densuk, Dolly Kyle Browning, Beth Coulson, Marilyn Jo Jenkins, Juanita Broaddrick, Marsha Scott, Bobbie Ann Williams, Sally Perdue and several others.

But what does this all mean? In a word: NOTHING.

The American people elected Clinton knowing that he liked women. Gennifer Flowers proved that. These ongoing revelations about even more women are not likely to change the results of that election.

Sam Sloan

PS I am looking for photos of Beth Coulson, Marilyn Jo Jenkins, Juanita Broaddrick and Sally Perdue to post on my web site. If anybody has them or knows where they can be obtained, please e-mail me.

Now, the time has come to put the real criminals in jail: Paula Jones, John Whitehead, Donovan Campbell, Jerry Falwell and the kidnappers of my daughter, Shamema Sloan are all Wanted for Kidnapping

Top News Story: Elizabeth Ward Gracen Finally Admits It: Yes, I did. I had sex with the President. "He's a very charming, handsome man".

Juanita Broaddrick: Raped by Clinton in 1978, according to Phillip Yoakum and Jones' lawyer .

Here are the court papers which allege that Broaddrick "[name withheld]" was raped by Clinton in 1978 Full text of response by Paula Jones in Jones vs. Clinton case .

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