Elizabeth Ward Gracen has just finally gone public: Yes, I did. I had sexual intercourse with President Clinton. ... "He's a very charming, handsome man."

She insists that she neither sought nor obtained any advantage from this: "I'm not standing in front of the Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio, am I?", she says.
Elizabeth Ward Gracen
Makes the New York Daily News

Elizabeth Ward Gracen bared all for Playboy

In spite of her statement that this was consensual sex, this might cause big trouble for the President, if he testified that he never had sex with her.

Now, the time has come to put the real criminals in jail: Paula Jones, John Whitehead, Donovan Campbell, Jerry Falwell and the kidnappers of my daughter, Shamema Sloan are all Wanted for Kidnapping

UPDATE: April 12, 1998: In an interview in a secret location, Elizabeth Ward Gracen reveals that Having sex with President Clinton "was not a great success".

Here is the article in the New York Daily News: Beaut of a Tale On Sex With Bill: Ex-Miss America says encounter was consensual .
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