On the Importance of Taking Pictures of your Girlfriend

I am interested in the idea and implications of getting one's girlfriend on film.

Ever since my bitter experience with my girlfriend Passion Julinsey, it will now and in the future always be my policy that any girlfriend I have (if I ever get another one) I will try to take some good pictures of her getting fucked.

This is because Passion later had me arrested and even claimed that we had never had sexual intercourse and that our relationship was Platonic.

Passion had asked me to fuck her in the ass but I had refused. If I had taken some pictures of her getting fucked by me, she never would have dared go to the police and make the false charges she made and we would probably still be together and I would still be fucking her every day and our unborn presumably aborted child would have been born by now and we would be living happily ever after.
Passion Julinsey - Why did she do it?

Girls always like to have their picture taken and I believe that almost any girl will be willing to have a nude photo taken by her boyfriend. The idea is not to scan it and post it on the net at that point in time, but to let her know that if she ever stops fucking you, then you will post it.

(Actually, she will protest, but she will secretly like having her picture posted, as that will make it easier for her to get her next boyfriend.)

Now, going further on this, since it is so easy to get girls to agree to having nude pictures of themselves taken, I would like to try something more challenging. I want to see if I can get girls to do something which it is not so easy to get them to do.

So, here is my plan: I want to get two identical twin girls and get them to agree to have lesbian sex with each other to orgasm on film. As a further condition, they must have never done lesbian sex before or even have thought about doing it before.

If even this proves to be accomplished too easily and something more challenging is needed, I want to add in that their mother will also be included and the two identical twin girls will both fuck their mother to orgasm in addition to fucking each other.

What is your opinion? Do you think I can easily accomplish this?

The only thing stopping me right now is that I need the proper camera equipment. It would be a shame to achieve such a momentous event and not get this on film.


At 06:12 PM 7/7/99 PDT, you wrote:

Hi Sam!

I finally got a new girlfriend.

I am trying to get her to "pose".

Did your navy friend ever send you the girl??

Sam Sloan wrote:

No. He did not send me his wife (yet).

When and if you get your new girlfriend to pose, what will you do with the pictures?

Good luck.


At 12:47 PM 7/9/99 PDT, you wrote:

Scan 'em and send them out. Of course.

However, I have to get her O.K. I don't think she is your type though. I know you are partial to Orientals. Mine is a blonde, naturally.

I also met this 20 year-old girl named Maia. I am reluctant though. I have found young girls to be more trouble than they are worth.

The news here has been showing all kinds of horror stories about the heat wave in NYC. If you lost your power, I hope your PC was not affected. I love the heat, because the ladies all run around scantily clad.

I will let you know if I have any luck.

At 01:38 PM 11/1/99 -0800, Monika Penner wrote:

The stuff that you have written here: http://www.samsloan.com/girlspic.htm is really disturbing. While I don't know anything about your personal life/situation (except for what you have divulged on your site), this site has a clear misogynistic tone that is frightening.

Dear Monika Penner,

I can understand why you feel the way that you feel, but I certainly do not hate women.

I am constantly promoting women's rights and the point that women are intellectually equal to men.

You need to understand the background. I had a girlfriend named Passion Julinsey who was from Thailand. We lived together for three months, slept in the same bed every night for three months, and had sexual intercourse every day, sometimes three or four times in a day.

Then, one day, completely out of the blue for no reason at all, she called the police and had me charged with "attempted rape."

She told the police that we had never had sex and that our relationship was Platonic.

For this reason and based on this exceptionally bad experience, I have decided that the next time I sleep with a woman, I will take a picture of us together.

I would now gladly pay a thousand dollars for a picture of me fucking Passion Julinsey, something which I could have taken easily when we were together.

By the way, I fought the case for one year and the charges were eventually dropped.

Sam Sloan

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