Beautiful Women send me their photos by e-mail

One of the advantages of doing what I do is I keep receiving photos of women by e-mail.

Some photos are really raunchy and I cannot put them up, such as the photos guys send me of their wives and girlfriends committing unspeakable acts.

It has happened several times that a beautiful girl has sent me a picture of herself, and then insisted that I not publish it. (I wish I could, because I have some really good pictures I received that way on my hard drive.)

Lately, a girl who calls her self "Not Particularly Innocent" has been sending me letters. I finally at long last convinced her to give it up, and she sent me her pictures.

I am stunned by her beauty, but I cannot understand why she keeps making statements like: "My photos are attached. Try not to be too derogatory/mocking, please."

What possible reason could I have to be derogatory or mocking to a beautiful young girl.

Then it hit me: Because of the name she gives herself, which is "Not Particularly Innocent", no doubt some guys have made fun of her.

So, don't make fun of her! But, the letters she sends me are enticing and alluring. She even gets me excited and I have seen everything. Nothing gets me excited any more.

So here she is: Miss Not Particularly Innocent.

UPDATE: Grishkin is back online!: You cannot keep an alcoholic away from drink, you cannot keep a drug addict away from his opium, and Grishkin cannot stop herself from putting up her own web sites. (She explains that she has been away in California, but is back in Hong Kong now.)

At 12:17 AM 10/29/99 +0800, Grishkin wrote:

Dear Mr. Sloan,

I thoroughly disapprove of your lifestyle. But this is not why I write.

I am an 18 year-old Eurasian girl living in Hong Kong. Six months ago, I caught my boyfriend in the street holding hands with a short brown woman. Three months ago, my next boyfriend left me because I am, apparently, volatile and abusive. This afternoon, I fucked up my Oxford interview. This evening, a blatant disregard was shown for my sexual claim on a young Russian Ph.D. student. I am not happy.

Perhaps you might dedicate a small section of your website to me, in the hope that one of your many visitors might fall in love with me. I am a highly attractive young woman.


Dear Grishkin,

I think I can help you, but I need your photo.

If you have a nice attractive photo you can send me by e-mail, I can put it on my web site with a little ad about you.

Sam Sloan

At 10:15 AM 10/29/99 +0800, Grishkin wrote:

Do I have your word that you will remove me from your site if I don't like the publicity?

Sure. No problem.

Just to let you know, so far no woman or girl has ever asked me to take her picture off of my site.

They have all been happy with the results.

Sam Sloan
UPDATE: Grishkin has her own cam site now. The picture changes frequently so be sure to save it if you want it.

At 10:24 AM 10/30/99 +0800, Grishkin wrote:

Perhaps it is because the majority of women in developing countries do not have access to a computer. My photos are attached. Try not to be too derogatory/mocking, please.

I'm in a bit of a rush right now as I'm jetting off to my ancestral home in China in a few hours, for a change of environment. I should be back in 4 or 5 days.

I'm 18, and was born in Hong Kong. I've been a barmaid, an office flunky, and am now a woman of leisure. Never a wife or mother. I spend my time making webpages which eventually have to be deleted because of the demented fanbase they accumulate, and reading the literature of the country of whichever boy I happen to be obsessed with at the time.

I fear that the irony of will be lost on most of your readers. There is also a

Yours, in anticipation of a clogged mailbox.

Dear Grishkin,

You are famous already.

Take a look at

In return for this, what will I get?

I am in Brooklyn New York now. Next week, I am flying to Japan. Later, I will go from there to China.

So, when can I meet you?

You have taken me out of context. I knew my photos would not be met with derogatory remarks. I was worried that the write-up you gave me would be demeaning.

My fears have been substantiated.

You have also used my e-mail address out of context. I'm not sure why I believed I'd be above such crass treatment, but I did.

Please do not ask me to fuck you. I was not aware that sexual favours were the standard barter for bandwidth these days.

At 18:20 99/11/06 +0800, Grishkin wrote:

I'm back. China was muggy and uneventful.

The response was not quite what I had hoped for, so I have resorted to erecting an even larger personal ad, in the form of Those who replied seemed more concerned with your evils than my charms.

I hope you're not going to be posting any more of our correspondence.

To contact "Grishkin", please send e-mail to the following address:

From: Sam Sloan
To: Grishkin
Sent: Friday, November 12, 1999 4:36 PM
Subject: Re: me

Dearest Grishkin,

I promise you I will not publish any of our future correspondence. However, I have just added your last letter which ends with "I hope you're not going to be posting any more of our correspondence."

That is a good place to end our public conversation.

I also needed to add that, so that I could include the link to your new web site (which I have not seen yet, so I hope it works okay.)

I must say that some of my readers are enthralled and enchanted by you. I am realistic. I know that I will probably never get to fuck you, so I am happy to have my readers get their rocks off while dreaming about you and thinking about you.

I will also not include on my web site that you are 5' 10" and a chain smoker. I do not want to discourage my readers from trying to fuck you or at least thinking about it.

If we ever do meet, you will not have to worry about me trying to fuck you. Your virginity will be safe with me because:

1. I will never ever fuck a girl who smokes.

There is an important reason for this: When I fuck a girl, babies come out. Many men have a problem. They cannot make a baby. I do not have this problem. When I go with a girl, she gets pregnant. This is why I have seven children from four different mothers. I would have more, but some of my kids did not make it out.

2. I cannot remember even getting into bed with a girl who is 5' 10".

3. I would of course never fuck a Chinese girl.

This raises another subject: Are you Chinese? I have a theory that you are half Chinese. Your mother was Chinese and your father was European: Either Russian or English.

Even though many Chinese speak English, your level of English is too high quality to be merely school book English.

So, when can we meet?


From: "Grishkin"
To: "Sam Sloan"
Subject: Re: me
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 16:02:46 +0800

What a triumph of logic: "I will never, ever fuck a girl who smokes, because when I do, babies come out." Er?

Ethnically, I'm Chinese-Scottish-Jewish, 2:1:1 - unfortunately, I'm an American citizen, which I conceal with an accent that is Britisher-than-British. What sexual prejudice do you have against Chinese girls, by the way?

Is presuming that I am a virgin your way of asking?

Having said all that you have said, why are you still interested in meeting me?

Most Dearest Grishkin,

I am just joking about not fucking Chinese girls.

Back in 1985, I fucked two in Beijing, China. One of them, I have her picture on my web site. She was absolutely the best girl I ever got into bed with, bar none. I still have fond memories of her.

However, the other case had a sad end. Seven police officers broke into my hotel room and caught us in the act. She was arrested and sent to prison. I have always felt bad about that.

I am absolutely 100% sure that you are not a virgin. That was a joke, too.

I was going to make a joke about not fucking Jewish girls either, but apparently you do not appreciate my jokes.

Of course, I am still interested in meeting you. You are an interesting person.

I am surprised that you say that "unfortunately" you are an American citizen. Why "unfortunately"? A lot of girls in Hong Kong would do anything to get that.

I went nearly two years without ever being in bed with a girl, starting on January 16, 1998, two days before my girlfriend from Thailand (who was half Chinese) left me and ending on Saturday November 13, 1999 when I got a Japanese girl only one week after my arrival in Japan.


From: "Grishkin" To: "Sam Sloan"

Subject: Re: me

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 13:48:26 +0800

I'm not entirely humourless, you know. You maintain a huge, no-holds-barred website detailing your many perversions. If you tell me you don't fuck Chinese girls, what reason do I have not to take you seriously? Especially since you seem serious about not fucking smokers, which strikes me as an equally strange prejudice.

Somebody's fallen in love with me, you can take my page down now.

I will meet you for tea in Hong Kong, provided we sit at different tables, exchange notes via a waiter, and you pick up both tabs.

Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 12:24:29 +0900
Subject: Re: me

The more I think about this, the more this is pissing me off.

Just about everything on your Grishkin page, I told you in confidence. I asked you for a small section with a link to my e-mail address, not a lurid exposť.

This is unbelievable. Please remove all traces of me from your site at once.

Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 12:24:42 +0900
Subject: Re: me


I asked you to take my page down. I also asked you to stop posting my letters.

Please do both. Now. You gave me your word.

Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 15:42:36 +0800

Don't ignore me, Sam.

Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 21:35:49 +0800

Sam, Sam, why do you so cruelly ignore me?

Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 09:58:01 -0500
From: Sam Sloan

Me? Ignore you?

Of course not.

I am back in Brooklyn New York now.

I spent five weeks in Japan.

Just to let you know, once I put a page up, it never comes down. It stays up forever.

I see you have a new e-mail address.


Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 23:59:04 +0800

Maybe your perpetual page policy is something you ought to have mentioned right about the same time you promised expressly that it would come down as soon as I gave the word?

From: Sam Sloan
To: Michele Humes
Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2000 1:37 AM
Subject: Re: Grishkin

Dearest Grishkin,

I never said that and you never said that.

What you said was: Do I have your word that you will remove me from your site if I don't like the publicity?

You have never said that you did not like the publicity. You said that you just periodically take down your pages of yourself due to your fickle nature.

You have a right as a woman to do that of course, but I am under no obligation to take down my page about you just because you change your mind.

By the way, my Grishkin page consistently ranks about number 10 in my daily log of most popular pages on my, and sites (but not on my site). That is remarkable since I now have 1908 pages on my site and I do nothing to promote or attract attention to your page.

I do not know how many hits I get on the page because that service provider has a different system for keeping track of hits:

Sam Sloan

Subject: Re: Grishkin
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 12:01:02 +0800

While you aren't necessarily under any obligation to take down my page because I "change my mind", you -did- promise to take down my page so if I said I didn't like the publicity. That's unarguable.

Well, I don't like the publicity.

I'm really not trying to be obnoxious about this, but it's something I requested from the start, and you gave me your word on it. I don't see what I could have said to make you want to treat me so unfairly.

Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 22:26:48 -0500
From: Sam Sloan
Subject: Re: Grishkin

I am not going to take the page down.

I am open to suggestions as to how to make it better, however.

Sam Sloan

Subject: Re: Grishkin
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 17:48:46 +0800

Why have you broken your promise to me?

Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 11:15:56 +0800

This is getting ridiculous, Sam. You don't just breach written agreements.

From: Sam Sloan
To: Michele Humes
Sent: Sunday, January 30, 2000 11:58 PM
Subject: Re: Grishkin

We went through this before. I never said I would take the page down on your every whim.

You obviously liked the page when I put it up. You even established your own page which was linked to mine shortly thereafter.

However, recently you have taken your own page down and now you want me to take down my page about you too.

If you really, really, really, want me to take down my page about you, I am sure you know exactly how you can get me to do that. We went into that before.


Subject: Re: Grishkin
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 12:57:02 +0800

This is not a whim. I don't like the publicity.

As for, "If you really, really, really, want me to take down my page about you, I am sure you know exactly how you can get me to do that. We went into that before" - we went into nothing of the sort.

What we -have- gone into is that you made a promise to me, and I am now asking for that promise to be upheld. I don't think this is too unreasonable.

How many more circular e-mails are we going to have to exchange before you keep your side of the bargain?

UPDATE: Grishkin fails to realize that she just cannot make it without the help of a man! A reader writes:

"Poor Grishkin is not getting very many hits on her new page at so you might want to update your link."

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