John F. Kennedy Jr. elopes with Princess Diana

John F. Kennedy Jr. has eloped with Princess Diana. They are having good sex together on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, important news sources revealed today.

Sources state that JFK Junior and Princess Diana had thought about doing this for a long time but only just now decided to take the plunge.

The sticking point had always been the reluctance of JFK Junior to buy a private island suitable for Princess Diana. Finally, Junior decided to come up with the money but under certain conditions, one of which was need to include the wife of JFK Junior, Carolyn Bessette, into this equation.

Carolyn Bessette had her conditions as well, principal of which was her need to include one of her sisters in this.

John wanted Carolyn to bring her identical twin sisters, Lisa Ann and Lauren Bessette, so at least he could get two for the price of one. However, Lisa Ann refused to go and in addition Carolyn was worried about having too much competition, so finally they compromised and agreed to take just one sister, Lauren Bessette, instead.

The deal finally became that John F. Kennedy Junior gets all the girls. In addition, to keep things interesting, Carolyn and her sister, Lauren, perform a live lesbian sex show for JFK Junior and Princess Diana every morning.

Princes Diana is the boss. Her word is law on the island. Other than getting free run of all the girls, John must obey whatever Princess Diana decrees.

"We are not amused", was the official statement of Queen Elizabeth II, reacting to the news that her former daughter-in-law had run off with John F. Kennedy Junior and his wives.

Rumor has it that they decided to do it at this point in time because all the girls had become pregnant with John F. Kennedy Junior's babies.

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