I Got Her, Too

In tribute to the women I have fucked, I have immortalized them by posting their photos on my web pages, if I could locate a photo.

Here is a photo I just found. This photo was taken in the Crown Hotel in Itawon district in Seoul, Korea in 1984.

I spent 18 days in Seoul, Korea. During those 18 days, I spent only 7 nights alone. I fucked 11 different women during those 18 days. Expect for the first, none of them were prostitutes. They all gave me their pussy for free.

It was easy to find them. Almost no effort was required. I do not know why I ever left that place.

I took the names and addresses of all of them. However, when I returned to Japan, my wallet was stolen in an all-night sauna in Shinjuku. In the wallet were the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all the girls I had fucked in Korea. I never was able to locate any of them again. I really feel sorry about this.

If you recognize any of the girls on my web pages, please let me know. I would like to contact them again.

I have posted on my web pages photos of a total of 32 girls I have personally fucked. I have also posted photos of 43 girls I have not fucked. Can you guess from the photos which I did fuck and which I did not? Anyone correctly guessing all 70 answers wins a free trip to Tajikistan!

P.S. There is one photo I would really like to get which some reader might be able to help me with so that I can post it. That is a photo of Hiratsuka Kazumi, the stage name of a girl who I personally fucked at the TS Music in Shinjuku in 1984. She was a famous person and the star of the show and, a few weeks after I had fucked her, I found her pictures in a Japanese semi-porn magazine and a big article about her. She had her own fan club at the University of Osaka.

I describe Hiratsuka Kazumi exactly as she really was on another web page entitled Atsuko. Atsuko is a real person with her real name too, alive and well and living in Ebisu.

Perhaps some ambitious person could go to the TS Music in Shinjuku, in Tokyo, inquire about the current whereabouts of Hiratsuka Kazumi, locate the porn magazine and send me her photo. The TS Music is behind the giant mechanical crab on the wall in Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku.

Here is a link: Another photo of this same Korean girl

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