Write your own dirty story or erotic fantasy

Here is your big chance to write your own dirty story, and to be sure that somebody else will read it.

Everybody has erotic fantasies. Even the Pope has them. If we try to resist them, they will creep into our subconscious. Mother Nature has put them there, to insure the survival of the human race.

I have created a guestbook where you can write your own erotic story, post it and be sure that somebody else will read it.

The rules are: NO DIRTY WORDS. You are not allowed to use the bad words. The famous four-letter words are all forbidden. If you use any of those words, I will delete your story from the guest book.

Also, NO VIOLENCE. Everybody has a good time. Nobody gets hurt or killed.

To get people to like your story, it would be best to make your story seem realistic: Something which could possibly happen.

Here is a story I have created in my own mind, just to provide an example of what I think would be a good story. It is about a baby sitter.


A man and his wife are going to the opera. The babysitter arrives, dropped off by her mother, to watch things while they are gone. The man and his wife leave for the opera.

During the opera, the husband's beeper goes off. He receives a call. He must go home to attend to some urgent matter.

NOTE: Already, you can almost imagine what is going to happen next.

The husband leaves his wife at the opera and arrives home, only to discover his babysitter in his bed with her boyfriend. The boyfriend is frightened and embarrassed. He grabs his clothing and runs out the door. The baby sitter does not move. She stays in bed, naked. "Please, Mr. Jones," she says. "I am so sorry I did that. Can you please forgive me?"

The husband is so forgiving that he gets in bed with the babysitter and starts humping her.

Meanwhile, his wife is still at the opera. She wonders what is taking her husband so long. She leaves the opera and comes home, only to catch her husband in bed with the babysitter.

She blows her top, but the baby sitter says: "Please, Mrs. Jones. It is not your husband's fault. It is my fault. I brought my boyfriend here. I should not have done that. Your husband has just done what any normal man would do."

The wife decides to forgive both her husband and the baby sitter, so she gets in bed with both of them and starts doing it with the baby sitter too.

Soon, the opera is over. The time for the babysitter to be working is finished, so the baby sitter's mother arrives to pick up her daughter. The mother discovers her daughter in bed doing it with both the man and his wife.

The mother becomes really angry about what the husband and his wife are doing with her daughter, but the baby sitter says: "Please mother. It is not their fault. It is my fault. I brought my boyfriend over here when I was supposed to be working. Then, I got caught. I decided to make it up to them.

The mother decides to forgive her daughter (as mothers always do), so she gets undressed and gets in bed with them, and starts doing it with all of them, including her own daughter.

The father of the baby sitter wonders why his wife and his daughter are taking so long to come home, so he shows up and catches his own wife and his own daughter in bed with the husband and his wife.

The father gets really mad, but the baby sitter says, "Please Daddy. Don't be mad. It is all my fault. I broke the rules."

The baby sitter then explains all about how she had brought her boyfriend over, got caught and then all of these other things had happened.

Hearing this explanation from his daughter, the father decides that he really should forgive everybody, so he gets in the bed and has sex with everybody, including his own daughter. They have a really big bed, by the way.

I have not decided what happens next. Either the baby sitter's brother arrives, or the entire fire department comes or perhaps the story just ends now.

Anyway, I enjoyed writing this story. I have had this story on my mind for some time.

Now, its your turn: Write your story in the guestbook!
This story could be modified to create more complex sub-plots. For example, actually the husband and wife conspired to debauch the baby sitter. They long suspected that she was entertaining boyfriends while they were away, so they set a trap for her. The door was set so if anybody entered the house while they were gone, they would be alerted. There was also a heat sensor in the bed. When the beeper went off while they were in the opera, they knew that somebody had entered the house. The husband went home hoping to catch the baby-sitter in bed with a boy, so that he could do this with her.

His wife was in on the conspiracy, too. When the wife came home and caught her husband in bed with the babysitter, she just pretended to be angry. It was all an act, as a pretext to get into bed with the babysitter.

More possibilities: The babysitter was a nanny from another country. The "boyfriend" was a neighbor and an old friend of the husband and wife, who had been hired to romance and seduce a succession of these babysitters as they come over. Once the boyfriend gets the baby sitter in bed, as he always eventually does, he then alerts the husband and wife so that they can partake of her.

There are an almost infinite variety of these possibilities. Was the mother and the father also in on the conspiracy, concerned that their daughter had been hanging on to her virginity for too long?

Here is another story, quite different. It is about a cheerleader.

I do not even have to write this story, because you already know what is going to happen to her. Here is the story, anyway:


It had been the big game for the high school football team. The home team won! The team is celebrating in the locker room. One of the cheerleaders comes in.

In celebration, one of the high school football players in the locker room puts his arm around the cheerleader and kisses her. She does not seem to mind.

Then, he puts his hand in her panties. She does not seem to mind that either.

Then, he pulls her panties off. She does not seem to mind that either.

Then, he lays her down on the locker room bench and starts humping her. She does not seem to mind that either.

Then, two or three other members of the football squad come by and they all take turns humping her too. She does not seem to mind that either.

Before long, all 26 members of the high school football team have humped the cheer leader. Another cheerleader walks in, and she really does seem to mind.

"How dare you do this, without telling us about it", she screams at the first cheerleader.

No problem. Another football player hugs the second cheerleader, puts her down on the locker room bench, and pretty soon all 26 members of the football team have humped her too.

At about this time, a third cheerleader arrives.

"How dare you do this, without telling us about it", she screams at the first and the second cheerleader.

Anyway, you get the idea. Probably the hardest thing is to think of a suitable ending, because these stories can go on forever. Life never ends.

I have my own style of writing stories. In every story I write, the female is the hero of the story. She is in charge and she makes all of the ultimate decisions. The males involved are just carrying out her wishes.

Here is your chance: Write your story in the guestbook!

Remember - No Dirty words!

Sam Sloan

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