Amherst County resident complains about the "hooplah" over the kidnapping of my daughter

At 09:15 PM 3/12/2002 EST, wrote:
>My question for you is fairly simple, you claim to have this group set up for
>those in Amherst Va. If so why are you sending us clippings from some no
>nothing case in New York. If you have to write something about New York maybe
>it should be about the aftermath and current status of events stemming back
>say .... 6 months ago.

>I understand you got in some big hooplah over your daughter and you have no
>life but if you don't live in Amherst anymore why are you emailing us?

Thank you for your letter. Your questions are certainly reasonable and worthy of a response.

I know more about 9-11 than you realize, because I was there. My girlfriend called me on the telephone to tell me that the World Trade Center had been hit by an airplane. I just had to see it, so I jumped on the subway and went down to look. By the time I got there, the twin towers had both fallen, but the other buildings were still standing. I got closer than anybody, even closer than the remaining firemen. I was standing next to the corner of St. Paul's Chapel, one block from where the World Trade Center had been. I did not see Building Number 5 fall, because I was looking the other way, but I heard it fall.

I was the first to report that everybody still inside was dead and that nobody could possibly have survived. People did not believe me and disputed my claims, but nobody came out alive after that. The heat, the smoke and the fumes were so great that I could not possibly have gotten any closer than I did and still have survived, and I was more than one block away.

My report is on my website at

The greater question is: Why am I telling you about this?

You write that you are aware of "some big hooplah over your daughter and you have no life". Obviously, you have heard something about it, which is at least good, because it shows that the powers-that-be in Lynchburg and Amherst have not entirely succeeded in suppressing this information.

However, you are mistaken when you say that I do not live in Amherst County any more, because I have never lived in Amherst County at all. My only connection with Amherst County has been that my eight-year-old daughter was kidnapped and taken there and held there for ten years, before she escaped two years ago.

I grew up in Bedford County. Our home was annexed into Lynchburg in 1960.

Amherst County Virginia is controlled by criminals, especially Lawrence Janow and Michael Gamble, two former law partners who are now both judges. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that the entire state judicial system is corrupt, right up to the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of Virginia. They are able to get away with their crimes, because they protect their own.

For example, right now there is a bribery scandal in which a judge in Brooklyn New York has been arrested. Have you noticed that this never happens in Virginia? Do you think that the reason for this is that the judges in Virginia are more honest than the judges in New York and never take bribes? Or, is it because the criminal element in the Virginia judiciary is so strong that it is impossible to arrest a judge, even if the police and the prosecutors have proof-positive that he is guilty?

A few years ago, the Richmond Commonwealth Attorney, James Morrissey, was prosecuted for bribery. He was obviously guilty, even though he claimed that the bribe was a campaign contribution, but the Virginia Supreme Court, reversing the Virginia Court of Appeals, reinstated him in his job. This was an unheard of action, but easily explained, since the Virginia Supreme Court is a gang of criminals who could be uncovered if even a public prosecutor was found guilty of taking a bribe. I remember telling my friends that Morrissey was going to be reinstated by the Virginia Supreme Court. They did not believe me and were flabbergasted when my prediction turned out to be correct. I knew the Virginia Supreme Court better than they did. I knew that there is a gang of criminals sitting on that bench who would naturally protect one of their own such as Morrissey.

Later, the Virginia Supreme Court appointed a panel of Lynchburg judges to review the Morrissey case, and naturally this special panel exonerated him. Do you wonder why they picked Lynchburg judges, rather than say judges from Arlington or Pulaski?

Everything in New York is bigger and better than anything in Virginia. For example, whereas the penny-ante Virginia judges are content to steal a few million dollars, our former New York City Mayor is trying to steal one billion dollars. During the last hours of his administration, Mayor Giuliani had all the city files and records of the eight years of his administration removed from the city buildings and taken to a private warehouse which only he controls. No previous mayor of any city has ever had the audacity to engage in such a massive theft of public records. Now, he is in the process of having all the funds for World Trade Center disaster relief turned over to him personally. However, nobody hated Mayor Giuliani more than the New York City Police Officers, and several of their widows are objecting and trying to stop Mayor Giuliani from taking all the money. At least he shows more class than the small time judges of Virginia. The motto of our former mayor is: Never steal anything small.

Another difference between Virginia and New York is that at least some of the judges here are honest. The case which I won against Mayor Giuliani and the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, which was published yesterday in the New York Law Journal, could never have been won in Virginia. No judge in Virginia would have dared to rule in the way the judge ruled who rendered the decision in my favor.

You say that I have no life. Not true. I am still alive, in spite of the efforts of your friendly neighbors in Amherst County Virginia to kill me. They have not succeeded yet, but I expect them to continue to try. The most monstrous and vicious criminals imaginable are Lawrence Janow, Michael Gamble and the Lynchburg Commonwealth Attorney, Bill Petty. They had my mother, Dr. Marjorie Sloan, kidnapped in Bangkok, Thailand on September 3, 1990, and then they had my daughter, Shamema Honzagool Sloan, kidnapped in the front yard of my house in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates on October 7, 1990.

But that was only the beginning. In order to stop us from filing cases against them, they stole all of our money and our house in Lynchburg. In December 1986, Judge Richard Miller ordered my mother's bank accounts frozen. Sixteen years have passed and the money is still frozen. This is obviously illegal, a criminal act. They are not going to confess that they committed a crime by unfreezing her bank account. Assuming a reasonable rate of interest, there should be $500,000 in that account by now.

For four years, from 1986 to 1990, Lawrence Janow, Michael Gamble and Bill Petty tried repeatedly to have my mother and my daughter kidnapped. They elicited help from many sources, who have since combined to cover up this crime, knowing that if this comes out they will all go to prison. We knew about their plans to kidnap my mother and my daughter and wrote numerous letters to the Lynchburg News and Advance and the Amherst New Era Progress, trying to get them to publicize the fact that efforts were being made to kidnap us. The newspapers refused to publish this story. When Janow, Gamble and Petty finally succeeded in their efforts to have them kidnapped, the newspapers refused to publish that, too. For the sixteen years that this has been going on, the Lynchburg news media has not uttered one peep about it. Do you wonder why they call it Lynchburg?

Michael Gamble, after he got himself appointed as a judge in 1991, confiscated my mother's house at 917 Old Trent's Ferry Road in Lynchburg. He ordered Cecil Taylor, an Amherst County lawyer, to sell the house, a California style split-level brick house in the best neighborhood in Lynchburg, for the absurdly low amount of $75,000. The house was worth at least $150,000 at that time and, in today's market, would be worth from $300,000 to $500,000. I suggest that you drive by the house to see what I mean. You will be astounded. My mother never got one penny of that money. Cecil Taylor kept the money and now he is dead. Nobody knows what happened to the money. All of this was obviously and completely illegal.

In order to stop me from helping my mother to get her money and her house back, on December 16, 1992 Judge Michael Gamble convicted me of a crime with which I had never even been charged. I could not have been charged either, as the statute of limitations had passed years before. He convicted me of "violating the status quo", something with which I had never been charged. I could not appeal, because he simultaneously removed my lawyer from the case, preventing any appeal.

Although my daughter has escaped, my mother is still locked up. My mother, Dr. Marjorie Sloan, is 92 years old. She is well remembered for her years as a practicing medical doctor in Lynchburg and in Bedford, Campbell and Amherst Counties, Virginia. Most people there think that my mother is now dead. She is not dead. She is locked up.

I have been speaking to a medical doctor, a neurologist, who knew my mother. She believes that my mother has been heavily medicated, so that she cannot respond. She wants to examine my mother's medical records to see what kind of medication she is on. This doctor says that my mother's symptoms are not characteristic of a person who is senile or demented. Rather, they are characteristic of a person who has been kept under heavy medication. I am trying to think of a way to get access to my mother's medical records. My mother has been a prisoner for twelve years now.

Recently, I ran for election in New York State. I lost but I plan to run again. I will tell you my plan. If I am elected, I will try to have Lawrence Janow, Michael Gamble, Bill Petty and the rest of the gang of criminals down there in Virginia, who kidnapped both my mother and my daughter, extradited to New York State to stand trial here. They are unquestionably guilty and will be convicted. Most importantly, New York has jurisdiction, because my daughter Shamema was born in New York City and her custody was decided by the New York Supreme Court in 1982 and modified in 1994. Virginia has never had legal jurisdiction over my daughter, except to the extent that she was kidnapped and taken there. Also, when they had her kidnapped in the United Arab Emirates, although they took a flight which was scheduled to land at Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia, the airplane was diverted and landed at Kennedy Airport instead. Therefore, New York has jurisdiction over the kidnapping as well.

Establishing the jurisdiction of New York over the kidnapping of my mother will be more difficult, but, since the same gang of criminals who kidnapped my daughter also kidnapped my mother, it might not be necessary to try them for both crimes, because a conviction for kidnapping my eight year old daughter should be enough to get them life in prison.

The remaining part will be to recover all of my mother's assets which have been stolen by your friends in Virginia. As you can see, the value of her house plus her bank accounts should come to between $800,000 and one million dollars now, assuming a normal rate of growth and interest.

Does this answer all your questions? If not, please let me know what your further questions are?

Sam Sloan
(718) 803-8119

PS Do not bother to call the FBI, if that is what you are thinking about. They were in on the kidnapping, because Lawrence Janow and Bill Petty elicited their help in kidnapping my daughter as early as 1986. Since the FBI aided and assisted in the kidnapping, especially an agent named John P. Butler, they are not going to convict themselves of a crime by arresting the kidnappers.

Sam Sloan

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