I Got Luck in My Life

Kayo Kimura January 5, 2002
ESL 099.7490

Luck comes suddenly. Luck comes unpredictably. But, sometimes luck comes predictably.

I would like to say thank you to all the people who brought me luck.

First of all, I would like to thank my baby, Sandra Kimura Sloan. Also, I would like to thank my husband, Samuel H. Sloan. I would like to say thank you to my parents, my friends and to God in Heaven.

I gave birth to a girl on November 11, 2001. That was the most wonderful event in my life. I realized that I was pregnant when I was one month. I felt something different at one month. My boyfriend and I had taken a short trip from Las Vegas to Yuma before my school started. We used a rental car for the trip. When he was driving from Las Vegas to Yuma at night, it was raining heavily. The road condition was not good. There was water on the road. Each time he stopped the car in front of a pond. Each time the car stopped, I felt something resisting in my stomach. After I arrived in Yuma, I bought a "Check Up" to know if I was pregnant. The "Check Up" showed that I was positive. That meant that I was pregnant! Since then, a lot of things made me feel different. I was extremely happy during the trip because I was pregnant.

Many things made me happy. Not only the condition I was in made me happy, but I was also happy to see a view of the town in Yuma and his eighteen year old daughter for the first time.

As time passed, my belly became big. The delivery was hard work. It took me thirteen hours to give birth. I felt the greatest happiness when the baby was born.

In my case, luck came suddenly and luck came predictably. I would like to say thank you for all of these wonderful gifts.

My Life has Changed Since I Met My Husband

Kayo Kimura January 6, 2002
ESL 099.7490

People's lives are changed by events. Sometimes life is better than before; sometimes it is worse. My life has changed completely since I met my husband. I would like to talk about how my life has changed.

My life has changed since I found him by Internet. We had corresponded with each other for a year. Then I decided to come to the United States. Before I came to the United States I spent ordinary routine days; I worked and slept every day. My life seemed boring, but I never worried about finances or about language.

Here in the United States, I am worried about money. In addition to these problems, I am always surprised at his personality. He is the most eccentric person I have ever met. I did not find out about that point during the time that we corresponded with each other. For example, he is used to drinking black coffee. He never mixes it with milk or sugar. If there is sugar or cream, he takes it separately from the coffee. He doesn't change socks for a week. When the socks become dirty, he turns it inside out and wears it.

He is a writer. He puts his articles on the Internet. He puts it in a newspaper sometimes. At the same time, he is a taxi driver. However, he got in trouble with the TLC, so his taxi driver's license is suspended now.

However, one good thing is he brought me an offspring. I can feel happy when I stay with my baby. When my baby Sandra smiles at me, I can't help loving her. This experience would have never come to me without my husband.

In conclusion, I changed my life since I met him. Even if some problems appear in front of us, we will solve it and we will conquer it. We will spend life better and better.

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