Tim Redman's Final Insult

The USCF By-laws clearly state that board decisions are to be taken after a meeting among the full members of the board, where each board member is allowed to speak and to have his views heard by the other members. However, the Redman Board never followed this. Instead, the four controlling members of the Redman Board, namely Tim Redman, Jim Pechac, Doris Barry, and Helen Warren, had private conferences among themselves about what to do, and then at board meetings would suddenly propose and approve various Draconian acts without discussion.

This was clearly illegal and a violation of USCF By-laws. One example is the Games Parlor deal which has cost the USCF hundreds of thousands of dollars and with which no USCF members other than Redman, Barry, Warren and Pechac ever agreed.

All of us who attended the final meeting of the Redman Executive Board on August 10, 2001 are witnesses to this. Just as that meeting was about to conclude, Tim Redman, without any warning or discussion, proposed that Leroy Dubeck be appointed to the Board of the US Chess Trust and said that all in favor should raise their hands.

This was done after the EB majority had lost the election in Framingham and was in the last hour of their last meeting as Executive Board. Harold Winston, who is on the board of the US Chess Trust, just happened to walk into the room at that moment and, without sitting down, objected vehemently. Hanold Denker and Harold Dondis, both also US Chess Trust founding members who happened to be present, also objected vehemently. Nevertheless, without any discussion by the Executive Board, Redman, Pechac, Warren and Barry raised their hands to vote in favor. Ippolito, McCrary and Smith voted opposed.

This image will always remain in my mind, seeing Pechac, his head bowed downward, raising his hand. I had thought that Pechac had half a brain. However, I found out at this meeting that Pechac is a moron.

I have nothing against Leroy Dubeck. He made a fine presentation at the Finance Committee Workshop. However, appointing Dubeck to the US Chess Trust was reprehensible, because Dubeck has never contributed one dime to the US Chess Trust or to any other chess charity, plus Dubeck is a long time opponent of contributing members of the US Chess Trust, including Winston, Dondis and Denker. All of the regular members of the US Chess Trust regularly contribute their own money to the US Chess Trust. Now, with Dubeck on the board, he will have a say in how the money donated by Winston, Dondis and Denker will be spent, while contributing no money of his own. This will naturally make Winston, Dondis, Denker and others reluctant to make future contributions to the Trust.

At the same meeting, Don Schultz with everybody present told Doris Barry that she had lied when she had said previously that she did not have the key to the post office box where the ballots were kept prior to counting on election day. Doris Barry did not respond, but in an earlier meeting the same day she got up and read a long list of accusations which had been made against her. I hope that this was recorded, because I would like to see a transcript of it.

Doris Barry has since explained that she did not have the key to the box on her at that moment in time. She did have the key elsewhere, but not in her purse.

Fortunately, if there was any manipulation of the ballots, they did not change enough votes to change the results of the election, and the entire Redman-Pechac-Barry-Warren slate of candidates was defeated. Still, the USCF lost at least $257,000 during the short period of one year that Redman controlled the board, plus the USCF was locked into a two-year Games Parlor contract which nobody wants and will cost the USCF a lot of money. I say that we should sue them.

Appointing Leroy Dubeck to the Board of the US Chess Trust, when almost all existing members of that board were opposed, with the exception of Steve Doyle who is a friend of Dubeck, should be remembered as the final insult committed by the Redman Gang against the dues paying members of the United States Chess Federation.

Sam Sloan

On 30 Oct 2001 07:10:30 -0800, Kevin L. Bachler Kbachler@cavemanchess.com wrote:

"2. Mr. Smith responded publicly, in an e-mail copied to perhaps 50 or 100 people. In this and subsequent e-mails, he . . . . implied and stated that decisions had been made secretly."

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