Saddam Hussein is about to fall

Saddam Hussein will fall soon

I have never said this before, but now I believe that the regime of Saddam Hussein is about to collapse. In a matter of months, and possibly even in a matter of weeks or days, Saddam Hussein will be gone.
Mob Breaking a Hole into the Wall of a Jail
Women whose men did not come home

The turning point will be the events of yesterday, when Saddam Hussein opened his prison doors. The notorious Abu Gharib jail on Baghdad's outskirts, one square mile in area, that was believed to hold between 100,000 and 150,000 prisoners, was virtually empty today.

Saddam Hussein has remained in power by heading the most repressive government in the world, a government that does not hesitate to imprison and execute its citizens. Some of the prisoners released yesterday have been inside for 20 or 30 years. After their massive release, the people will no longer fear their government and you can be sure that Saddam Hussein will be overthrown soon.

What is most surprising is that the massive release of more than 100,000 prisoners has just appeared as a blip in the news. It is not even listed as among the top news stories of the day.

Sam Sloan

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