Saddam Hussein is a Happy Man Because of the Help from his Friend Ken Starr

Almost completely overlooked in the news has been the fact that Saddam Hussein expelled the United Nations weapons inspectors without any significant protest from the U.S.

Had this occurred at any other time, there would now be a U.S. troop buildup in Kuwait coupled with some cruise missile attacks on Iraqi weapons facilities.

A Happy Saddam Hussein - Thankful to His Friend Ken Starr

However, Clinton has been afraid to take action against Saddam for fear that his Congressional critics such as Dan Coats and Arlen Specter will claim that this was just a cover-up to divert attention from Ken Starr's investigation of Clinton.

Coats and Specter made precisely that suggestion when Clinton launched attacks in retaliation for the US Embassy bombings in which 269 people were killed.

UPDATE: Saddam Hussein has been captured! What should we do with him?

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