Here is a photo of Najibullah, President of Afghanistan, hanging in Kabul on September 27, 1996

Najibullah was a man who deserved to die a much more horrific death than he actually got.

His brother, Shalpur Ahmadzi, is hanging next to him.

I am not sure about this, but I believe that I met Najibullah. His face in other photos seems familiar. I believe that he came by to review the prisoners when I was in Jalalabad Prison in Afghanistan in August, 1978.

Najibullah was a member of Khad, the Afghan Secret Police, at that time, so he very possibly might have come to Jalalabad Mahbas.

Another famous person I think I knew was Sadeq Qotbzadeh, who became Foreign Minister of Iran. I believe that on several occasions Gobsadeh came to my apartment at 2119 Carleton Street in Berkeley during the Fall, 1963 - Spring, 1964 school year. At that time my roommate was Ahmed Shayegan, whose father was a leading dissident and a former minister of Iran.

That was before I became Haji Mohammad Ismail Sloan.

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