Starr asks for criminal investigation of his own spokesman over leaks

A bombshell has blasted as Ken Starr has asked the Justice Department to launch a criminal investigation of his own spokesman, Charles G. Bakaly III, over leaks. In addition, the spokesman himself has resigned.

The leak in question concerned the statement which came out just as the Senate was considering its impeachment vote that Starr felt that he had the authority to obtain a criminal indictment of the President.
Charles G. Bakaly III

This leak backfired and caused alarm even among some Republican Senators and may have contributed to the failure of the impeachment vote.

However, a larger issue looms, because for more than one year there have been persistent leaks of secret grand jury testimony. Ken Starr has consistently denied that his office is the source of such leaks, and yet there has been no other possible source. The leaking of secret grand jury testimony is a crime, not just an ethical violation.

The fact that when the Starr Report finally came out, it provided no new information that was not already in the media proves that someone in Starr's office had regularly been providing the press with the contents of the supposedly secret grand jury testimony.
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