Philippine Chess Federation protests to FIDE

1 September 2000

Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
Federation Internationale Des Echecs
CH 1012 Laussane, Switzerland
Fax (41) 21310-3905

Dear Mr. Ilyumzhinov:

The Philippine Chess Federation strongly protest the decision made by the Presidential Board (per your fax message dated 27 August 2000), which met August 26 and 27 in Iran, accepting the application of the National Chess Federation of the Philippines as new member, and replacing the existing member for 44 years, the PHILIPPINE CHESS FEDERATION for the following reasons:

1. Under FIDE Statutes, only one (1) federation of each country can be affiliated to FIDE. As of this writing, the PHILIPPINE CHESS FEDERATION is the only member in full membership with FIDE

2. Under the FIDE principles and statutes, existing federation must be informed democratically of the new members application at least three (3) months prior to the next Presidential Board Meeting, General Assembly, as it affects the status of the existing federation in full membership. The existing federation must be consulted and should present its position. In the case of the PHILIPPINE CHESS FEDERATION, We were never been informed of the Presidential Board's Agenda in Teheran, wherein, we would have sent our delegate to present our position and defend our federation in the deliberations. Don't you think it is unfair, Mr. President to decide on a very serious matter without first consulting us and hearing our side?

3. How can the Presidential Board accept a new member, which was only formed one month ago, and expel an existing member which has been part of the FIDE family for the past 44 years?

4. Under FIDE Statutes, 2.5, definite exclusion can be ruled by the General Assembly only in case the member becomes guilty of a severe offense against the Statutes, regulations or acts against the principles of FIDE.

5. Did the PHILIPPINE CHESS FEDERATION commit a grave offense? If so, kindly give us the reasons for our expulsion, as we requested in our fax message to you dated 28 August 2000.

6. The Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) endorsement (dated 23 August 2000) is not final and subject to scrutiny and verification by the existing federation. As stated in the endorsement letter presented to you by Mr. Campomanes, the applicant must first secure official recognition from FIDE and submit the same for final approval. This means that the NCFP application has not been approved by the POC and subject to compliance of securing membership from the FIDE.

7. The endorsement letter from the POC was hand-carried by Mr. Campomanes to Iran, and presented same in the meeting and deliberation. By allowing Mr. Campomanes, who is a Presidential Board member and adviser of the NCFP to speak on their behalf (without a delegate from the existing federation) is a clear violation of our rights as the existing member of FIDE and against the principles and statutes of FIDE, which stated that FIDE should observe strict neutrality in the internal affairs of the national federations.

8. The FIDE Board's decision (thru your fax dated 27 August) has created a lot of confusion and damaged the preparation and training of our team bound for the 34th World Chess Olympiad. The players who were selected thru our qualifying tournaments were greatly affected by this damaging incident.

In the light of all these, may we suggest the following:

(a) That, this urgent and serious issue be part in the agenda in the next FIDE Congress in Istanbul, Turkey on November 3, 2000 by decision of the General Assembly?

(b) That, an immediate and urgent reply from the FIDE Presidential Board be sent to us.

(c) That, the application form/questionnaire submitted by NCFP be sent to us for verification and scrutiny?

(d) That, a copy of the minutes in the last Teheran Board Meeting?

(e) That, PCF be allowed to defend our stand on this serious issue.

We sincerely hope for your immediate action on this matter.

Very truly yours,

Copy furnished:

1. Presidential Board
2. Zone 3.2a President
3. Asian Continental President
4. All Federations affiliated with FIDE
5. Philippine Olympic Committee
6. Philipine Sports Commission

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