Laura Ross, America's Number One Rated Chess Player (for her age)

For the last several years, Laura Ross has been the number one rated chess player in America for her age group.

Laura is also the only girl in America who is rated number one in competition against boys her age.

Laura Ross
Laura Ross

There are several boys who are stronger than Laura, but they are older as well. If Laura ever got to be as old as they are, she would no longer be number one but, alas, she can never quite seem to catch up with them in age.

Laura is nine years old. Her February USCF rating was 1598. She is actually much stronger than that but, by the way, she just competed in the New York Open Chess Championship where the top prize for players rated under 1600 was $8,000 (eight thousand dollars). Laura's rating of 1598 maximized her winning chances. She did not win first prize, but scored a credible 6 1/2 - 2 1/2 and won $350.

All of Laura's opponents were adults.

Laura's career as a Class C player is now over. Her new rating on the list for April 1, 1998 is 1664.

UPDATE - Laura Ross, now aged 9, finished 8th in the world championship for her age group in theWorld Youth Championships in Marina d'Or, Spain, held October 25 - November 7, 1998.

You can now look up the official rating of Laura Ross at the US Chess Federation web site.

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UPDATE: Laura Ross, who is now 13, is now a rated expert with a USCF rating of 2120 and is rated higher than her father, who is also a rated expert.

Laura is still the highest rated player her age, either male or female, in the USA.

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