Mayor Giuliani turns off the Hot Water in New York City Housing Projects

Giuliani is a monster, an evil man who will never again win election for anything.

In a recent development, did you know that Giuliani ordered the hot water boilers turned off in every New York City Housing project to save money?

Mayor Giuliani has gone completely mad and needs to be hospitalized

My ex-wife and three of my children live in a New York City Housing project. For more than two weeks, they did not have hot water. They assumed and I also believed that the boilers were under repair. This past weekend, it came in the news that Giuliani had ordered the boilers shut down to "conserve energy".

The law of the City of New York requires that the hot water in an apartment be 125 degrees at the tap. If a private landlord cuts off the hot water, he can be arrested and put in jail and this often happens.

If a private landlord does what Mayor Giuliani did, he goes to jail. Something like 600,000 people live in New York City Housing projects. All of them have been deprived of hot water to bathe and for other essentials of life. Why has Mayor Giuliani not been put in jail?

Sam Sloan

At 10:53 PM 7/9/99 EDT, wrote:

I for one DO NOT support your distorted views. You obviously have an agenda here, although I am not sure I quite grasp what it is. You should, as Giuliani does, be considering what is best for New York City.

Giuliani has used logic and common sense to guide his "heavy hand". He took on causes that others were afraid to, simply because they were unpopular views. He seems to be afraid of nothing and nobody...and I can only admire that.

Yes, he seems arrogant at times. Good. We need his proud nature and forceful personality to keep a city like New York on track.

Although I realize you are already committed to your point of view, please try and be fair in your representation of this topic. Allow opinions other than your own to be viewed on your website as well.

Giuliani will forever be known as the best mayor New York has seen in it's history. And I hope, if New Yorkers are as smart and saavy as we think we are...he will be our next senator.

Have a nice day.

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