It is my policy not to post photos of naked girls.

Here is a damaged photo I just came across. I feel I have a duty to immortalize every girl I got into whose photo I still have, but I always post one with her clothing on, if I have one.

In this case, this is the only photo I have of this girl. I do not remember her very well except that I remember that I met her on Patpong Road in Bangkok, Thailand.
Another Girl I met in Patpong

The background music to this page is "One Night in Bangkok" from the musical "Chess". However, on the actual Patpong Road in Bangkok, the bar girls would ask the customers not to request "One Night in Bangkok", because it is very difficult to dance to.

The rendition here of "One Night in Bangkok" is not very good, but I have not been able to find one that is better.

Many viewers have sent me letters complaining about the photo of the "Novirgin" Japanese girl I have posted. The letters I have received say that this girl could not possibly be a hooker, because she looks so young, sweet and innocent. However, I also have a photo of that same girl with her legs spread apart and a banana stuck in her pussy. I am not going to be posting that photo, however. Don't even ask.

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