Sad Story of an Italian Man and His Thai wife

For the past three years, I have been corresponding with an Italian man who has had almost exactly the same experience with a Thai wife as I had with mine. To make a very long story short, he married her in Thailand, brought her to Italy, had a child with her, but she left him, came back again, left him again, came back again, called the police on him and so on.

Now, she has left him and her child completely and gone back to her old job in Bangkok.

Her name is Theva Phimkwan. If you want her, she will cost you 500 baht for the night.
Theva Phimkwan
Theva Phimkwan

All during this more than three-year-long story, her husband has been writing me asking me for advice. He has also sent me salacious pictures of his blushing bride, which unfortunately I am unable to publish on my family-oriented web site. He has also sent me copies of her Italian visa and immigration documents and outdoor photos of her taken in Italy.

Many people ask me about this:

Anybody who goes to Bangkok can see young girls performing stunts on stage, such as pushing many sharp razor blades in their pussies, putting a magic marker in their pussies and drawing pictures with it, some very artistic (I brought one of them home and it is among my most cherished possessions), emptying a milk bottle of liquid in their pussies and holding it inside, and putting various other foreign objects in their pussies.

These girls are not just actresses on stage. You can take them to your hotel for the night. More than that, many Europeans and Americans want to marry them and take them back to their countries.

Everybody seems to assume that these girls do this out of poverty and to get a better life for themselves. I am not sure about this. Based on my experience in Thailand and with my Thai girlfriend in New York City, I believe that many Thai girls just like kinky sex. They are not poor, not even by Western standards. Nobody is forcing them to do what they do. They do it because they like it!

Here is the letter my Italian friend just received from his wife. She complains that she is bored because sometimes she has to sleep with the same man for an entire week. What I really believe is that Thai girls like the excitement and adventure of sleeping with a different man every night, and if the guy turns out to be some crazy weirdo, so much the better.

Sergio has his own website photo gallery containing photos which I am sorry to say I cannot post here. This will also give you a good chance to brush up on your Italian.

Sam Sloan

HI Sam is me, Sergio Todesco from Italy that with Thai Wife... three month ago she lived me alone with my baby again and she go back Thailand. Do you remember my endless story with my Thai girl THEVA? However now I got a new one Thai lady the same. About Theva I got only this mail from her. I don't know what I have to think? Give my your opinion if you have one :-)




This is the text of the e-mail that get from her:

Dear Sergio,

I hope our child is fine. I don't understand why you ask your friend called me? For what? I told you already that I don't want to get involved with you anymore ( your life ). Now I have been planning my life that I would like to learn English language and computer because I will be able to find a better job than this. I feel bored that I have to sleep with customers everyday. Some customer I have to stay with him for a week. I feel bored but I have to work at night while I will be learning English and computer at daytime. You might be surprise that why I got this kind of idea because my life now have to start from zero. Please take good care of our child.

Always love you.


From: "Sergio Todesco"
To: "Sam Sloan"
Subject: Re: My endless story with my thai girl!
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 16:36:45 +0200

Thanks for your always kind support. Ok

>> Dear Sergio,

>> By coincidence, I was just thinking about you yesterday, and I was showing the pictures of your Thai wife to my Japanese girlfriend.

>> I still have all of your correspondence in my computer.

>> If you are ever interested, I would like to post your pictures and your story on my web site.

YES of course and if my English could support me I will try to give you further details on my story, that incidentally I know is not so original because where my girl work now I heard story of one former wife of Sultan of Brunei that also come back in Phuket for work in the bar... so about this (only) me and the Sultan of Brunei we are the same :-)



PS I would like to get your esteemed opinion about stock market because now I'm loosing a lot of money but I don't have still sold my stocks! I' m right?

Good job Sam!

For me It 's O.K if think that my story can be useful for someone. :-)


P.S. I want only to add that in the end I have still found my story with Theva and the other Asia girl so much better than the marriage with my old farang wife that now (and for ever) I will get only Asia Girls. I want to show to you the new one. I plan to reach her very soon in Pattaya. About Theva I think that she don't want go back to Thailand for enjoy the life there but only because she is crazy and she got a very bad Kmer feeling (Like my new baby, Theva 2).

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