Son of Famous Chess Master dies in Combat in Afghanistan

Sgt. First Class Daniel Petithory was killed Wednesday in Afghanistan, one of three Americans killed when a bomb dropped from a B-52 hit the wrong target.

Sgt. Daniel Petithory was the son of famous Senior Master of Correspondence Chess Louis Petithory of Cheshire Massachusetts.

I played Louis Petithory in the 1960 US Junior Correspondence Chess Championship. I won the game but he later became a much stronger postal player than I am. I no longer have the game score.

Louis is a consistent participant in the USCF Absolute Correspondence Chess Championships and is an over-the-board expert. He is a life member of the United States Chess Federation. His son, however, was not a member of the United States Chess Federation.

When interviewed by the press, Louis Petithory and his wife Barbara said that they did not even know that their son was in Afghanistan, until they heard the terrible news yesterday.

Sam Sloan

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