Clinton's Real Father Discovered in Hope, Arkansas

There has long been speculation about the identituy of President Clinton's real father. It has been said that Clinton's father was killed in a car accident before he was born, but others claim that that man only arrived back in the US six months before he was born. Now, a reader claims that Bill Clinton's real father is a medical doctor in Hope Arkansas and is still alove today.

William Jefferson Blythe in 1944, said to be the real father of Bill Clinton, but he doesn't seem to look much like Bill.

Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 18:38:27 EST
Subject: Clinton's real father was a doctor?

My name is Tom Wakefield. Most years I attend the Wakefield family reunion in Hope Arkansas, birthplace of Bill Clinton. Many of my relatives are lifelong residents of Hope. I have heard it more than once, in casual conversation at these reunions, that the biological father of Bill Clinton is a doctor in town. "Everybody knows it" and "Bill Clinton looks just like him" are common statements made by my relatives. They speak of this in a way that it is just common knowledge around Hope. I do not know the name of the doctor, and I do not know if he is active or retired. (I doubt that he would still be active.)

But there can't be too many doctors in Hope. I think that this is worth investigating. Something I just thought about while writing this letter. Bill Clinton, despite his many faults, is a highly intelligent person, just like a doctor would probably be above average in intelligence.

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