Richard Peterson Forged his Own Signature!!???



Examination and comparison of the questioned "Richard Peterson" signature appearing on items K (1-5) and Item Q-1 have resulted in the following conclusions and observations:

Peterson utilizes two types of signatures; a formal (readable) signature and a very rapid highly ornate, stylized signature. The longer signature style appears on Items K-1 and K-3 while the stylized versions appears on Items K-4, K-5a and K-5b. The signature on Item K-2 contains the longer form of "Richard" and the abbreviated form of "Peterson."

2. The questioned signatures an Item Q-1 appears in the shortened (stylized) form of Mr. Peterson's signature.

3. Because of the stylized signatures are so rapidly made and contain so many changes in direction, it was necessary to utilize a microscope in order to determine the stroke sequence.

4. The Q-1 (questioned) Peterson signature is also rapidly made with numerous direction changes. Although there is some natural variation found in the questioned and known signatures (as would be expected with such an ornate style) the basic stroke patterns are present in the Q-1 signature and the K-4, K-5a and K-5b signatures.

5. Because of the speed with which the Q-1 signature is executed and its confomity with the stroke sequence found in the genuine signatures of Richard Peterson, it is the opinion of the undersigned that the questioned and known signatures of Richard Peterson are all of common authorship.

William J. Flynn

Questioned Document Examiner


Richard Peterson says that this is his real signature
Richard Peterson says that this is his real signature, but that his signature was forged on anothe document

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