American Airlines Flight from JFK Airport has crashed into Rockaway Park

American Airlines Flight from JFK Airport has crashed into Rockaway Park, Queens killing all aboard. I found out about this from friends who called me wondering if I am alright, because I live in Queens now. I am OK and Rockaway Park is far from my house. My friend, Syed Shah, lives in Far Rockaway, but he is OK too, because three weeks ago he flew off to Pakistan to be with his three new wives and six new children, leaving his original wife and eight children in America. Rockaway Park where the airplane crashed is near Jacob Riis Park and is on a peninsula jutting into the Atlantic.

The cause of the airline crash is unknown but if it turns out to be terrorism we can only blame Baby Bush, the idiot in the White House. American troops should have landed and should have taken Kandahar more than one month ago. Baby Bush is terribly afraid that some Americans might get hurt and so is only dropping bombs from high altitude. This is a tragic mistake. Bombing, however carefully and accurately targeted, will invariably wind up killing the wrong people. Relying on Burhanuddin Rabbani, who is far worse than the Taliban, and his so-called "Northern Alliance" troops is both terrible and silly.

Baby Bush needs to understand that we are not dealing with normal people who can listen to reason. In the first place, most of the serious fighting by the Taliban is done by so-called "Afghan Arabs", who are not Afghans at all but are Arabs primarily from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Most of them cannot return to their own countries, so they have no choice but to fight to the death. The Afghan members of the Taliban can always shave off their beards and go back to their home villages, but these "Afghans Arabs" cannot go home.

Defenders of Baby Bush say that he is better than Al Gore would have been. However, that is not a valid criteria.

Our troops need to land and to take Kandahar now. We cannot wait and fool around with this any longer. If Baby Bush were to take an IQ test, he would fail, because any idiot can see that serious measures are needed to deal with these people and to solve this problem.

Haji Sam Sloan

And, by the way, yes, I have been to Mecca and I have kissed the black stone.

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