Salah-ud-Din, the brother of Sahib Delan in Chitral

Salah-ud-Din was my brother-in-law. Unfortunately, it turned out that he was the most notorious criminal in Chitral. His photo was posted on the wall of the police station in Chitral. He had been in jail six times. He had once broken into a shop, stolen six radios, and then sat by the road in front of his house in Upper Moroy trying to sell them.
Salah-ud-Din, brother of Sahib Delan in Chitral, Pakistan

Because I did not know about this, in September, 1978, I obtained a visa for Salah-ud-Din to accompany my wife, his sister, to America. However, he refused to go or to allow her to go with me to America because he said that he wanted a "permanent visa" to America. I had only obtained a three months visa for him to go to America, although I had obtained an immigration visa for his sister, Sahib Delan.

I tried to explain to him that there was no provision in US law for a "permanent visa" to America for one such as himself, who was merely the brother of my wife. An attorney named Abdul Wali Khan from Chitral tried to explain this to him as well. However, Salah-ud-Din stood his ground. He would not go, and he would not allow his sister to go to America either. The immigration visa I had obtained for Sahib Delan to go to America expired unused. Because of this, I was eventually forced to divorce my first wife in Chitral, Sahib Delan. One of her villagers in Upper Moroy, Ayub Subidar, made up for this by giving me Honzagool as a replacement wife. The rest is history.

Here is a photo of Sahib Delan: Sahib Delan
Here is another photo of Sahib Delan: Sahib Delan
Here is yet another photo of Sahib Delan: My Wife
Here is a photo of Honzagool: Honzagool

Only three weeks after we had been married, Salah-ud-Din told some men in Peshawar, Pakistan that my wife was not satisfied with me because I did not give her sex often or hard enough. I do not believe that this was a real problem, however.

When I came back to Chitral in 1989, Salah-ud-Din was in jail for rape. He had drugged or poisoned a woman living across the road from his house in Moroy and then he and several other men had had sexual intercourse with her while she was unconscious. The woman had recovered and brought charges. This was a famous case in Chitral. His attorney was also my attorney, Iqbal Shaheen.

Salah-ud-Din had a very nice wife. She had had four children, but three of them had died by the time I last knew her. The last one, who had seemed perfectly healthy to me, had died of dysentery.

There is a high infant mortality rate in Chitral, about 50%. It was for this reason that I refused to allow my new-born baby, Shamema, to be taken to Chitral with her mother, Honzagool. Honzagool went alone to Chitral, never to return. Shamema has never seen her mother since, 17 years later.

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