Sahib Delan, my first wife in Chitral, Pakistan

Sahib Delan is to the right, helping her mother clean wheat for making bread.

This photo was taken in 1978 in her home in Upper Moroy. Moroy is about 30 miles up the river from Chitral Proper and is near to Reshun.
Sahib Delan making bread in Chitral, Pakistan

There was a shortage of iodine in the water in Moroy. This affected primarily the women, because if Chitral women never leave their home but once in their entire life, and that is when they move from their fatherís house to their new husbandís house.

Because of this lack of mobility, women and girls in Moroy tend to develop goiter. Sahib Delan had a small goiter, but her sister-in-law had very large goiter.

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