Sam Sloan takes personal responsibility for acts for which Oliver Jovanovic was sentenced to 15 years to life

I played hooky from the law firm where I work yesterday and went to see the sentencing of Oliver Jovanovic. Although the sentence ultimately imposed was what was expected, I found certain remarks by the Judge William Wetzel to be especially noteworthy:

As reported in The New York Times and other major media, Judge Wetzel said:

"Criminal cases should be tried in a courtroom, and not on the Internet".
"The victim was physically and emotionally tortured by this defendant. As if that was not bad enough, she was forced to endure a vicious campaign waged in the media and on the Internet ... orchestrated by some of the very same people who have written letters to me ... asking for leniency", he added.

Oliver Jovanovic speaks to reporters outside the courthouse

The truth of the matter is that I, Sam Sloan, am the primary person who waged this campaign on the Internet. I have no connection with Oliver Jovanovic or with the Jovanovic family, other than the fact that, since I am a chess player, I knew members of the Jovanovic family years ago when they were active in competitive chess. ( I have not seen any of them competing in chess events in over a decade.)

Completely on my own and without anybody asking me to do this, I put up a series of web pages dealing with the Jovanovic case. My web pages cite articles in the New York Times, the New York Post, the New York Daily News, the Boston Globe and the Wall Street Journal. In all of these newspaper articles, reporters expressed the view that Oliver Jovanovic was probably not guilty and that evidence vital to his defense was being withheld from the jury.

I alone published the name of the supposed "victim" on my web site. No other source, either on the Internet or in the traditional media, has repeated this information, except for one Spanish language web site in Mexico, which has included her name as provided by me.

The name of Jamie Rzucek was hardly a secret. In her remarks yesterday, the prosecutor, Gail Heatherly, repeated the name of Jamie Rzucek more than 20 times. Everybody in the audience, in a courtroom with several hundred spectators which was open to the public, heard the name of Jamie Rzucek. Yet, the traditional media has been barred from reporting her name.

I alone published on my web site the e-mail letters which Jamie Rzucek sent to Oliver Jovanovic. These are the e-mails which the judge ruled that the jury was not allowed to see. In one of those e-mails, Jamie Rzucek states: "i'm a sadomasochist". That statement alone by the "victim" would have been enough to put reasonable doubt into the minds of any jury as to the guilt of the defendant. The jury, however, was not allowed to see that letter.

I alone published that letter in full on my web site. Although newspapers such as the New York Post have published or quoted parts of it, I published the full text because I feel that the public has a right to that information. Nobody told me or asked me to publish it. I believe that only my web site has the full text of the letters in question.

The Jovanovic family never asked me to do any of this. Indeed, they refused to cooperate with me. I am still trying to get a photograph of Jamie Rzucek so I can post it on my web site. They have a photo but are refusing to give it to me.

In short, Oliver Jovanovic has been sentenced to 15 years to life for something which Sam Sloan did.

Perhaps they should release him and put me in prison instead. However, I will not press this issue too hard, because they might take me up on that.

Although Judge William Wetzel may have thought that Oliver Jovanovic did all of this, Judge Wetzel obviously did not know much about Sam Sloan.

Sam Sloan

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