Letter from South Dakota Division of Securities

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Pierre, South Dakota 57501-2000
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October 4, 2000

Letter from South Dakota Division of Securities
Letter from South Dakota Division of Securities

Samuel Sloan
One Campus Place
Brooklyn, NY 11208

Reg A offering

Dear Mr. Sloan:

Go-World.Net has made a Reg A offering on the Internet without any disclaimers concerning registration in South Dakota or anywhere else. Reg A offerings cannot be sold in South Dakota without prior approval by this office, nor can they be advertised without disclaimers. Please submit the following information:

1. The names and addresses of all South Dakota residents who have purchased securities issued by Go-world.Net, or have been contacted by Go-world.Net.

2. State the date of investment and the amount invested by all South Dakota investors

3. Any other information you deem pertinent to this offering.

The information requested is required within ten (10) days from the receipt hereof.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter


Gail Sheppick

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