My Little Adventure in Senator John Warner's Office

I figure I had better post this quick, before they come to take me away.

Yesterday, July 28, 1998, I had to go to Washington DC to research a legal matter. I decided to use any extra time I had to stir up some trouble about my daughter being kidnapped, which she was in 1990.

My first thought was to go to the FBI headquarters and complain about it. On second thought, I decided that it might be too dangerous to walk into the FBI headquarters and complain about how they are guilty of kidnapping my daughter, so I decided to pick on Senator John Warner instead.

Virginia Senator John Warner

After all, Senator John Warner is a political ally of the people who kidnapped my daughter, he is the representative of Virginia where the conspiracy to kidnap my daughter originated and supposedly he is a law-and-order tough guy.

Besides which, coincidentally I have a web page about him.

So, I prepared to a letter, which unfortunately contained a few typos (twice I wrote September, 1990 when I meant October, 1990) and delivered it to his office at about 3:00 PM.

I did not pick a good time. Just by coincidence they were having a memorial service for the two officers who had been gunned down by a lunatic in a nearby building.

Senator Warner was not in his office, but was out on the Rotunda trying to go on TV and gain political points for this. However, his staff was in his office watching TV in rapt attention as Newt Gengrich spoke.

I tried to wait politely, but they wondered what I wanted. Finally, I said that I wanted to deliver a letter about my daughter being kidnapped. A young senate aid glanced at it, noticed my address of Brooklyn, and said "You have to give this to New York", trying to hand it back to me.

"But my daughter was kidnapped in Virginia", I protested.

"You still have to give this to New York", he said. "We can't handle this."

"I don't have to give it to anybody", I screamed. "You have to go out and arrest the people who kidnapped my daughter."

With that, several people came out of the back room. One of them took my letter, told me to sit down, which I did, and took it back into the back room."

A few moments later, a young man came out and said, "We have to go to the conference room."

He took me out of Senator Warner's office and took me to a remote corner of the building, past a security checkpoint, and into a small room. He told me to sit there and wait. Then, he left and closed the door.

I realized that he had taken me to a place where I could be arrested. Therefore, I stepped out of the room, to see what would happen next.

Sure enough, within a few moments several uniformed officers and security guards showed up. They insisted that I step back into the "conference room".

Two aids of Senator Warner did finally arrive. We sat down. One, a young man, told me that they did not have time to read my letter, so I should just tell them what is says.

I said that it took me a long time to write that letter, which was five pages long and had 30 pages of exhibits attached, so they should just read it, which they did.

While they were reading my letter, two officers remained in the room with us, and one of them asked me for my ID. I showed them my New York Driver's license. He wrote it down and left the room, obviously to call it in.

One of the two aids to Senator Warner identified herself as Susan Aheron Magill, Senator Warner's Administrative Assistant. She asked me what has this to do with them. I told her that I just want her to do what they always do in cases like this, which is write a letter to the Attorney General and the FBI asking why these people are not being arrested for kidnapping my daughter.

She said she would look into it and get back She then left, taking my letter with her.

I rose to leave. However, one uniformed officer blocked me from leaving and pushed me back. He said that I could not leave at this time. I asked him if I was under arrest. He said that I was not under arrest.

I was held there for a few minutes. The other officer came back and said that there were no warrants. I was then allowed to leave.

I presume that there will be some sort of surveillance. They are probably watching me now. That, in itself, does not bother me. What does bother me is that they never investigate the people who kidnapped my daughter. The criminals have gotten away scott free. Instead, they keep attacking me.

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