Senator Dan Coats - A Real Bastard - Let's Knock This Guy Out

Up to now, I think I have been fairly neutral, making fun of both sides, Clinton because he always needs a blowjob and cannot get it off any other way (which explains why he has only one kid, if that) and the Republicans for so tightly embracing an obvious closet gay blade like Ken Starr.

However, what Senator Dan Coats said yesterday was so outrageous and objectionable that he should be run out of the country altogether. Dan Coats should be delivered over to a tribal jirgah council convened by Osama bin Laden.

UPDATE: Thanks to Sam Sloan's home page, that monstrous criminal, Senator Dan Coats, has not been re-elected. Coats has been a strong ally of Saddam Hussein. His Republican seat has now fallen to the Democrats.

Here is what the New York Post for August 21, 1998, says:

Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.) said he fears the attack was "made because it was necessary to save the president's job and distract attention away" from Sexgate.

Coats wondered aloud how, over the past, Sexgate-dominated week, Clinton had time to adequately consult with advisers, adding that he feels Clinton must resign because the nation can't trust his word on anything.
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"The timing of this is so extraordinary [right after Clinton admitted lying] that it is legitimate to raise the questions," Coats said.

I admit that there is doubt as to one point: These quotes are from the New York Post and, under the stewardship of Rupert Murdoch, the New York Post has become so virulent in its attacks on Clinton that it has become perhaps the world's most unreliable and untruthful newspaper. Nothing that the Post says on the subject of Clinton can be believed any more.

The New York Times has a different quote from Dan Coats. According to the Times, what Senator Dan Coats said was:

"The danger here is that once a president loses credibility with the Congress, as this president has through months of lies and deceit and manipulations and deceptions, stonewalling, it raises into doubt everything he does and everything he says, and maybe even everything he doesn't do and doesn't say," said Sen. Dan Coats, R-Ind., who less than 72 hours earlier had called for Clinton's resignation over the Monica Lewinsky issue.

Coats added, "I just hope and pray the decision that was made was made on the basis of sound judgment and made for the right reasons, and not made because it was necessary to save the president's job."

Although these quotes are similar, there are significant differences. The main point is that Dan Coats had the audacity to suggest that the cruise missile attack on a chemical weapons plant in Sudan and a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan was a ploy by the President to divert attention from the Monica Lewinsky scandal. This is nothing less than a denigration of the memories of the 12 Americans and 251 Africans who died last week in simultaneous attacks in Kenya and Tanzania, not to mention the 5,000 who were injured in these attacks.

Rupert Murdoch, publisher of the New York Post, has been fabricating quotes and falsifying news to make Clinton look even worse than he is.

Does Dan Coats really believe that concealing a blow job from Monica Lewinsky is more important than the lives of the 263 who died in the two terrorist attacks, plus the lives of those who might die in the future if there is no response?

In fairness, it must be added that most Republicans disavowed the remarks of Dan Coats and supported the president. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., urged Clinton on:

"This administration for the last seven months has neglected compelling national security threats besides this -- Saddam Hussein's ejection of our inspectors, North Korea building nuclear weapons again in violation of an agreement, Middle East peace process stalled, thousands of people being ethnically cleaned in Kosovo," McCain said. "I hope that the president will not confine his activities to just this, but to address the other very compelling problems that also affect our nation's security problems long-term."

Meanwhile, our old friend, Albania, reports that it thwarted a similar bomb attack on the US Embassy there.

UPDATE: A group of United States Senators were allowed a private viewing of evidence showing that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the attacks on the US Embassy in Kenya and Tanzania. Afterwards, Sen. Dan Coats, R-Ind., who had sharply questioned the timing of the strikes given the controversy over Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky, emerged from Friday's meeting softening his remarks. "There does appear to be credible evidence to suggest that targeting an Osama bin Laden terrorist training site was necessary," Coats said.

However, he went on to say that Clinton's behavior had made skepticism about motives and timing of the missile strikes inevitable.

"It is the president's private scandal that is leading to the public's skepticism," he said.

While Coats softened his line slightly, it is clear that he still links the missile attacks to the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Dan Coats still needs to disappear from the scene rather quickly. His remarks are being used in anti-American speeches made in Pakistan and, no doubt, elsewhere.

Dan Coats is also known for His campaign for "decency" on the Internet (meaning that Dan will get to decide what you are allowed to read.)

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