Russian Spy Satellite offers pictures of your Girlfriend's Bedroom

He can run, but he can't hide: New York's hated Mayor Rudy Giuliani has turned City Hall into an armed fortress where nobody can get in, but that did not stop a Russian spy satellite from taking this picture of his royal palace from hundreds of miles up.

Wonder what your girlfriend is doing while you are away? A Russian Spy Satellite will now sell you aerial photos of her house, for a price of course, but it is well worth it!
New York's City Hall
Giuliani's Palace - New York's City Hall: Mayor Rudy Giuliani has surrounded his City Hall with armed police forces so that nobody can get in, but that did not stop a Russian spy satellite from taking this picture from hundreds of miles up.

My first project will be to order a photo of the house of my Pakistani wife, Honzagool, who lives in one of the most remote regions of the world, in an area where maps are not traditionally available. You have to walk to get there.

I have calculated the geographical coordinates of her house to be approximately 35:30:00N, 71:45:00E.

Peshawar, Pakistan is located at 34 1' N 71 35' E . Chitral is 180 miles north and a bit east of Peshawar. Honzagool lives 29 miles southwest of Chitral town.

Peshawar, Pakistan
Location: 34:00:00N 71:30:48E
Kabul, Afghanistan
Location: 34:34:01N 69:13:01E

UPDATE: I have received the following letter by e-mail, from Russia, with Love:

Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 10:58:59 +0400
From: webbox
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v1.32) S/N ACA8C57F
Reply-To: webbox
Organization: SIS
Subject: Re: Image request from

sic> -------------------------------------------------------------
sic> Request
sic> -------------------------------------------------------------
sic> Country: Pakistan
sic> State: NWFP
sic> City: Chitral
sic> Acquisition year:
sic> Camera: KVR-1000, TK-350, MK-4, KFA-1000
sic> Clouds: any %
sic> Query type: rectangular
sic> Latitude: 3400'00"N to 3410'00"N
sic> Longitude: 7130'48"W to 7131'00"W

Dear Sam Sloan,

The area with the coordinates indicated by you is located in Atlantic ocean near America.
Chitral, Pakistan 3550'N, 7147'E is covered by KVR-1000 images of March 1998. Please find attached the price list of these images.

Best regards,

Alexey Movlyav
Director, Foreign Affairs
47, Leningradskiy Prospect, 125167 Moscow, Russia
tel.:+7 095 943 0757, fax:+7 501 943 0585
(or +7 095 943 0585)

Attachment Converted: "C:\PRICELIS.doc"

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