We've Got to Get Rid of Mayor Giuliani, by any means possible

When New York City Mayor Rudi Giuliani was re-elected this past November by an overwhelming majority, I and almost all other New Yorkers supported him. He had done a commendable job of reducing both crime and the budget. The New York City Subway system was making a profit for the first time in its history.

However, if the election were held today, nobody would vote for Rudi Giuliani. His second term in office has marked a radical departure from the past. The daily newspapers now refer to him as "The Midtown Mussolini" and "Hitler on the Hudson". He has, one by one, attacked almost every one of the many diverse groups which make up this great city. Everybody from peep show operators to taxi drivers to hot dog venders has felt the heavy hand of this "Hitler on the Hudson".
Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Mayor Giuliani has gone completely mad and needs to be hospitalized

However, yesterday the city and its mayor hit a new low. Mayor Giuliani ordered New York's Finest to risk their lives unnecessarily by attacking with batons and mace a peacefully and legally assembled crowd in Harlem. Our police officers deserve credit for doing their best to obey an idiotic order from the mayor. It was only by miracle that nobody was injured or even killed.

This incident has shown that the Mayor is unfit to govern. He clearly needs to be removed, and this must be done right away before anybody is killed because of this lunatic.

I know for a fact that the vast majority of New Yorkers agree with this view. I would like to form a committee to bring about the immediate removal of Rudi Giuliani.

We must, however, try to think of somebody to replace him. While New York does not want Rudi Giuliani any more, we also do not want a Commie loving liberal fag like Ruth Massingale or an outright flake like Al Sharpton, the mayor's opponents in the last election. However, with the exception of those two, almost anybody would be better for Mayor than Rudi Giuliani.

Sam Sloan

PS I did not write or say this. I have no idea how this item got on my web site.

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