Problems with Having an Asian Wife

I have traveled in SE Asia for many years and one of the main attractions for me is the delights of the local women. For many westerners including myself, Asian women are an addiction with no return ticket. Try one and it is hard to go back to western women.

So what is it about Asian women? They look so cute and feminine. They have usually got good bodies and keep their figures much longer than western women do. They instinctively know how please a man, to make him feel special, and they use this same talent in bed. In short, they are loving, caring - and sexy too. What more could a man ask?

Not surprisingly, I now have an Asian wife. She's of Chinese origin but was born in Thailand. She is wonderful in many ways but there are 2 major problems that I will have to come to terms with if we are to continue together. The problems are firstly money and secondly her family: and of course the 2 problems are interlinked.

Firstly about her family. There is an endless procession of relatives who need help with this or that, and their demands can never be satisfied. The family is like a bottomless pit into which I throw my time, energy and money. Her relatives have a trusting faith that they can keep on milking me for ever, and my patience and the money will never run out. Of course we have drawn the line many times but there is always another desperate case around the next corner. A cousin who will die if she doesn't have an operation soon, or a child who has to pay his school fees today or lose his place in school.

We now live in the Middle East and have had a long line of friends and relatives descending on us. All of them have been demanding and ultimately ungrateful. We are shortly moving to live in Britain and despite my wife's promises, we will no doubt have a queue at our door there too.

What is more disappointing than all this though is my wife's attitude to our money. She, like her relatives, thinks that I have an inexhaustible supply of the stuff. Apart from the fact that she is an expert at flushing it down the toilet, she is hopeless at managing money and never seems to grasp the idea of a budget. I have explained to her how much money we will need in Britain. Once I finished explaining everything to her and she understood how tight our budget will be, she then said "And can I have my own car too?" And she doesn't even have a British driving license!

Perhaps as you read this you are thinking that Western women are just the same. Maybe a few are but the difference is that my wife was trained from birth by her society to be like this. If on the other hand you can relate to all this and perhaps have even been through similar experiences yourself, please write to me at and tell me about them. I'd like to hear from you, whatever you have to say.

John Cordy

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