Last Visitation

This picture was part of a trick by my ex-wife Anda to stop me from visiting our children, Peter and Mary Sloan.

While on a court ordered visitation in October, 1985 (I remember the date because it coincided with their birthdays. Peter was born on October 22, 1978 and Mary was born on October 18, 1979 so they simply celebrate their birthdays together) Anda came in the room with a camera and asked me to hold both children on my lab at the same time so that she could take a picture of us.
Last Visitation

I considered this to be a friendly gesture and naturally agreed.

I never saw the children again until they grew up. I found this picture in the courthouse file. Anda had used this picture to tell the judge not to allow me to see the children at all. Anda never even told the children that. They thought I stopped coming to see them because I was not interested in them. They never knew and still do not know the strenuous efforts I made to see them. I went to court 50 times to try to enforce visitation, plus Anda twice had me arrested and put in jail.

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