Birthday Party for Dr. Helen Marjorie Sloan at age 80, March 17, 1990

In this photo are Dr. Helen Marjorie Sloan, Shamema Sloan, Jessica Vithanage Sloan and Shanti Vithanage.

Helen Marjorie Sloan at age 80. Next to her are her granddaughters, Shamema and Jessica Sloan, and Shanti Vithanage.

There is a great tragedy in this photo, however, because, on July 20, 1990, Dr. Sloan became ill, perhaps because of exhaustion due to a long day with her grandchildren at the Crocodile Farm in Thailand, and had to be hospitalized in the Bangkok General Hospital. Six weeks later, on September 3, 1990, her youngest son, Creighton Wesley Sloan, had her kidnapped out of her hospital room by Boonchoo Yensabai, a professional kidnapper, and taken to America, where she has been locked up ever since. Charles and Shelby Roberts, friends of Creighton Wesley Sloan, then hired the same Boonchoo Yensabai, who had Shamema kidnapped on October 7, 1990. Neither Dr. Marjorie Sloan nor Shamema Sloan have ever been recovered from the kidnappers.

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