Anda Baumanis from Riga, Latvia

Anda Baumanis was born on January 27, 1944 in Riga, Latvia. When she was seven months old, her parents, who were both civil engineers, escaped with her on one of the last boats out of Latvia. Anda had six older brothers and sisters, all of whom perished before the war. All but one of Anda's uncles, cousins and other relatives died either before or during the war.
Anda Baumanis

Anda and her parents lived in a "Displaced Persons" camp in Germany until she was seven. They were then sponsored by a Lutheran Church organization, which brought them to Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Anda grew up there and studied the piano. Anda's father, Julius, died in 1973 and her mother, Raele, died in 1976, leaving Anda as the last of her entire family line. However, Anda has been trying to make up for this by having three children. Her children are Peter Julius Sloan, born October 22, 1978, Mary Rachel Sloan, born October 18, 1979, and Ingred Aravena born in 1984. Anda has a master's degree in Piano from the Juilliard School of Music and teaches at a public school and at a Music Conservatory in Brooklyn, New York.

In the background here, Anda Baumanis is playing the Minute Waltz by Chopin. (She can play it better on a real piano, but she still cannot do it in a minute.) This is also known as Waltz in D-flat, Op.64, No.1.

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