Judge William Wetzel

Judge William Wetzel

UPDATE: The appeal in the Jovanovic case was argued before the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York on February 2, 1999: 'Cybersex' Appeal Raises Shield Law, Consent Issues.

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FANTASTIC NEWS: December 21, 1999: The Jovanovic conviction in the "Cybersex Torture Case" has just been reversed. Check your morning newspapers, as this news will be in every newspaper in New York, possibly in every newspaper in the USA.

The grounds for reversal were exactly the grounds which have been cited on this web site, that evidence was withheld from the jury vital to the defense.

UPDATE: July 7, 2000: The Highest Court in New York State has upheld the reversal of the conviction. Manhattan's District Attorney says that the case will be retried.


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