WWF or USCF: Which is better?

I can't help it that my kids watch WWF all the time, but this raises the question of which produces the better fights.

Let's compare: The leading personalities in the WWF are The Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H, The Undertaker and Stephanie.

Over in the USCF, the main characters are Caveman, Redman, Dorsch and Draney.

The USCF does not have anybody as good as Stephanie, but perhaps Anjelina can be recruited. Dorsch could probably make it in the WWF. He has the size and the weight, although perhaps not the shape.

The logic of the USCF is that if I feel you have insulted me, I am justified in beating you with a baseball bat because you started it first. Anyway I'm the good guy and you are the bad guy right? In the WWF it's OK to use bad guy tactics if you are the good guy, so why not the USCF?

As everybody but a few die-hard fans knows, the WWF is scripted. They spend weeks practicing their stunts, before performing them in front of a live audience.

The USCF on the other hand is not scripted. It is a real brawl. A true fight!

So which is better: The USCF or the WWF?

Opinions anyone?

Sam Sloan

Shame on you, Sam! You don't play fair. I can't comment on WWF ( WCW is more fun, sillier) you have to put in the right lineup for a tag-team match. Dorsch, OK. The others wouldn't last a moment with Goldberg and the like. Now put in Doyle, Woody Harris (the big old one not the reduced version) or a younger Dick Verber and then you can have your match. For dastardliness, USCF gets the pin, but for competence I'd give the wrestlers the edge.

Trivia question: At what US Championship did the players hang out in the bar with WWF stars including Ted Dibiase? And what was the best fight there? (hint: not the wrestlers)

One thing YOU could learn from wrestling: everyone is part of some team, and team names must change whenever there are defections. Maybe you could hold a contest for the best names for USCF factions.

Of course, you know that I consider the USCF about as relevant to real chess as the WWF is to Greco-roman wrestling. How anyone can even think about this while we have Shrub in office with Ashcroft the Hun and Ecokiller Norton is beyond me.

Eric Schiller

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