Tom Dorsch and "Charlie the Crab"

The Internet flame war between Tom Dorsch and Sam Sloan continues on the chess politics newsgroup, Here is vital and important information about "Charlie the Crab", which Tom Dorsch posted under the hearing: "The current state of OTB Chess in the U.S. and USCF:

On 16 Mar 2000 07:12:49 GMT, (TOMDORSCH) wrote:

>Always a pleasure to bring a little culture to you. By the way how was Charlie the crab?

I don't know. I took the cute one, Maria.

Sam went into a dark room alone with "Charlie the crab." He later told me it wasn't much, but it was a damn sight better than Norman T. Whitaker.
Tom Dorsch
We do not have picture of "Charlie the Crab", but here is something just as good: a picture of Tom Dorsch!

Maria was great!

Tom Dorsch

Seriously, there really was a girl by the name of "Charlie the Crab".

Since "Charlie the Crab" is not an attractive or endearing name for a teenage girl to have, I have often wondered whether Tom Dorsch just gave her that name himself, or whether this was the name by which she was generally known.

When I went to Tijuana with Tom Dorsch in November, 1963, I had never been there before, but he had apparently been there previously and knew the names of some of the girls.

One beautiful girl was known as "Juicy Lucy", but I later heard other girls introduced by that name, so I concluded that "Juicy Lucy" was just a generic name often given to bar girls. The way we learned the names of the girls is that, when they went on stage, the announcer would provide the names.

Charlie the Crab, however, was a girl like no other. We went to Tijuana on a week day, a fact I remember because I had just won the Southern California Amateur Chess Championship and used the prize money I had won to finance this trip to Tijuana. When we went into the various bars, we were usually the only customers.

In one particular bar which Tom Dorsch kept insisting that we go back to, there was only one girl there and, as soon as we took our seats at a table next to the stage, she would climb over each of us, put her legs over our shoulders and insist that we perform cunnalingus on her.

This was all fee of charge. She did not ask for any money and we did not pay her anything. She just liked doing this.

I believe that this is the girl whom Tom Dorsch called Charlie the Crab. (I am sure that Tom Dorsch has not forgotten her.)

He may have had another girl in mind. I am not entirely certain.

Tom Dorsch is lying when he says which girl I took. I did not take Charlie the Crab. I know that he has not simply forgotten, because he gave the correct information to Elliott Winslow when they were having an online chat about this in 1994.

The girl I took was not Charlie the Crab, but was Maria, the girl he says that he took. Maria had just arrived in Tijuana the previous day from the provinces and she had never done this before, at least not professionally. She was reluctant to do this, so I called over her boss, who explained to her that this was part of her job.

She finally agreed to do it, provided that I pay an outrageously high price, which I readily agreed to pay since I was awash with cash, having just won $300 first prize in the Southern California Amateur Chess Championship.

I paid the outrageously high price of $15 for Maria, whereas the other girls only charged $5.

I do not remember which girl or girls Tom Dorsch took. He may have taken the same girl I took (who was the best looking girl in the bar), but in that case he got her after I did.

What I do know for certain is that any girl Tom Dorsch took, I paid for. Dorsch was absolutely flat broke, so I had to pay for all of his drinks and all of his girls.

After all of my money was spent, we hitchhiked back to Berkeley. No, I did not spend the entire $300 prize money I had won. I got Herbert T. Able, the tournament director, to mail me a check for $200 and to give me $100 in cash, since I realized that I would probably spend any cash money I had when we went to Tijuana.

Many of the girls were outstandingly beautiful. However, when I went back to Tijuana years later, all I found there were ugly old whores that not many men would be interested in. I have been wondering: Were the girls so beautiful in 1963 because this was the first time in my life I had ever seen so many naked girls? Did my standards go up later on? Or, did economic conditions improve in Mexico, so that truly beautiful girls did not have to go into this line of work any more?

I have often wondered what ever happened to those girls. Did they use the English they had learned through their profession to become an Executive Secretary for a multinational corporation, or did they die of some horrible and loathsome disease a few years later?

Regarding the comments by Tom Dorsch about Norman T. Whitaker, who was convicted in connection with the Lindbergh kidnapping, the statements by Tom Dorsch are pure fabrications and have no basis in fact.

Sam Sloan

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