Beware Burhanuddin Rabbani

Now that Kabul has fallen to the so-called "Northern Alliance", you will no doubt think that sweetness and light will prevail throughout the land.

WRONG! Something far worse and more evil than the Taliban has just entered Kabul. His name is Burhanddin Rabbani.

Burhanuddin Rabbabi spent most of the 1980s as leader of one of the six official rebel groups. When the Soviets withdrew and later Najibullah fell, the six rebel groups agreed to a power-sharing arrangement, where each leader would rule Afghanistan for six months in a rotational system.

This worked fine until it came to Burhanuddin Rabbabi's turn to step down. He refused to step down and once again civil war broke out. This led eventually to the creation of the Taliban, which came into being due to popular disgust with rule by the six rebel groups.

The USA never recognized the rule by the Taliban. Instead, the USA always recognized Burhanuddin Rabbani as the rightful ruler of Afghanistan.

Now that he is back in Kabul, Burhanuddin is going to be telling America that he is the boss and we have to do what he says. This man is going to make trouble for us. You can bet on it.

Another really bad guy is Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who is also in the Northern Alliance. I have not heard from Gulbuddin lately. I hope that he is dead, because as long as he is alive, there will never be peace in Afghanistan.

Sam Sloan

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