Death Threat from the Black Muslims Underground Militant Organization "BMUMO". The envelope was postmarked Toronto, Canada.

Here is the front page of a death threat I received in the mail on November 4, 1982. Here is also the full text:

from BMUMO 1st NOV

black Muslims underground militant organization

To Mr. Sloan

It has been brought to our notice through the black Muslims in N.Y. the tragic story of Sister Hunza Gool. Not only that we came to know about such activities of yours in Pakistan but also we came to know about your other plans to get Pakistanis in the slave labor camps in El Salvador. The desecration of 3 sisters from Pakistan is enough of a crime to burn you alive. BMUMO is putting down the terms & conditions that you will follow unconditionally. Any slightest move from these conditions will result in your ruthless murder.

(1) By 20 November, the child will be handed over to the court.

(2) You shall stop writing letters to Chitral.

(3) You shall never interfere in her life or the life or any Muslim girl.

We shall wait for the first condition to be fulfilled till the night of 20 November 12. AM If you do not abide by it, I shall release 3 professional murderers in your hunt. The Pakistanis involved in the kidnapping of the small child will also taste the sharpness of our stilettos.

Remember BMUMO knows no Mercy and no Compromise.

Your nightmare


UPDATE: The author of the above letter wrote an article which was published in the Washington Post Mansoor Ijaz on April 4, 2002; Page A17, entitled: "Citizenship Before Civil Rights".

Here is Page two of this BMUMO letter and information about it, including the name of the man who wrote it.

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