Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: Do you know this man? I do!

This man was involved in the Honzagool Case in the Bronx Supreme Court on March 26, 1982. Yesterday, he was arrested in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and identified as the man most directly involved in the attack on the World Trade Center on 9-11. I have been saying for years that the same people involved in the Honzagool Case in the Bronx Supreme Court were the people involved in the two attacks on the World Trade Center.

Why did not the FBI listen to me? I have been saying that I know these people. I know their names. I have met them. I know where they are or have been.
Do you know this man? I do!
Do you know this man? I do!

Even now, the press has it wrong. They are saying that this man is an Arab. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is not an Arab. He is a Pakistani. I know him.

Why don't they call up Judge Anthony Mercorella, the judge in the Honzagool Case, who now lives in Florida? Ask him if he remembers this man. Or, ask my attorney, William Beslow, now a famous divorce attorney to the stars, if he does not remember this man.

Why has the FBI ignored me? The answer is simple. An FBI Agent named John P. Butler was involved in the kidnapping of my daughter and my mother along with a US Attorney named Morgan Scott and a US Consular Officer named Stephen R. Pattison. They know that any investigation in the kidnapping of my mother and my daughter will lead immediately to them, so they have quashed any investigation.

I have been talking about the kidnapping of my mother and my daughter for 13 years. Why do not they investigate the kidnappers? They do not. Instead, they investigate me. I have been saying that I know who the kidnappers are. Why don't they listen? If they had listened, perhaps the people in the World Trade Center would not have died.
Is this woman Hozagool?
Is this woman Honzagool, mother of my daughter, Shamema?

Take a look at the woman in the picture. Who is that woman? Is that Honzagool? She might be. She does look like that. Who is that child? Honzagool has a child that age. What is certain is that Khalid Sheikh Mohammad knows Honzagool and perhaps knows where she is now, something which her own family does not know, except that it is known that she is in Pindi.

I have been saying all along that the mother of my daughter, whose name is Honzagool, is directly involved with the people who are responsible for the two attacks on the World Trade Center. These people are Raja Ehsan Aziz, Raja Abdul Rashid and Mansoor Ijaz. Mansoor Ijaz is a nuclear physicist from Pakistan educated in Canada and America who wrote the two BMUMO letters on my website. Those two letters were written in 1982 by his own hand. I have repeatedly complained that the FBI has not arrested this man. Not only has he not been arrested, but he has been interviewed on CNN News as a Taliban Spokesman. Raja Eshan Aziz was a Student of Political Science at Columbia University in New York City in 1982. He is now with the Afghan Islamic Press in Rawalpindi and issued the press releases favorable to the Taliban.

All of these people are leaders of the Jamiat-e-Islami Political Party in Pakistan. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was arrested in the home of a leader of the Jamiat-e-Islami Political Party in Pindi, Pakistan.

My entire website has for the past seven years been filled with information about these people. I know these people. Why does the FBI think that I do not know what they are doing?

What many of these people do not realize is that in 1982 Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was a college student in America. He later graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

Start from "The Story of Poor, Little Honzagool", written in 1987. "Raja was a big city slicker from a town called Pindi."

Compare that with today's newspapers published in Pakistan. "3 al-Qaeda suspects held in Pindi".

Here is another page from my website:

"Raja's List of Terrorist Collaborators"

"Raja Ehsan Aziz is a political leader of the Jamiat-e-Islami in Pakistan, an organization closely affiliated with the Taliban."

Compare this with The Nation newspaper in Pakistan which reports today that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was arrested in the home of the "area president of Jamaat-i-Islami Women Wing".

Raja Ehsan Aziz, a leader of the Jamiat-i-Islami, has repeatedly stated that my wife, Honzagool, mother of my daughter Shamema, is being held at the location of the "Woman's Committee" of his organization. In Urdu, the name of that organization is Pak-Anjuman-e-Khawteen-e-Islam. This is the same organization at which Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was arrested yesterday.

Honzagool, my legal wife, has been missing for 20 years since 1983. She has occasionally communicated with her family, so she is known to be alive, but they say that they do not have an address for her. The addresses for her on my website have all proven to be fake. They have usually been mosques where nobody lives.

My daughter Shamema, born in the USA, daughter of Honzagool, ironically is in the US Marines and is now in Kuwait preparing for the invasion of Iraq.

I have been saying over and over again: Find Honzagool and you will find the people who attacked the World Trade Center both times, in 1993 and in 2001. I even wrote a letter to the President of Pakistan saying this. That letter is on my website, too.

My case in the Bronx Supreme Court in which these people were involved was publicized on the front page of the New York Daily News on March 26, 1982 and in other area newspapers. It was on Channel 7 and Channel 11 News that evening. Look at the television news reports, if they have been preserved, and you may find pictures of these people.

Why do not they listen to me? Do not they think that it is just barely possible that I know what I am talking about? How many people would say that they know these people if they do not really know them? Why would I invent this story?

The answer has already been given: If they investigate these crimes, the investigation will lead to themselves as the guilty parties. They will be putting themselves in jail.

The FBI on its website says that a reward of $25 million is offered. The Rewards For Justice Program, United States Department of State, is offering a reward of up to $25 million for information leading directly to the apprehension or conviction of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. I am claiming this $25 million. This information has long been on my website. What chance do you think it is that they will pay me? I would be happy to get back the money they have stolen from me and my family. That case is now before the South Carolina Supreme Court.

Sam Sloan

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