Judge Chin Brandt suffers from Brain Rot

Sam Sloan
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Brooklyn NY 11208

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March 29, 2000

Judge Chin Brandt
125-01 Queens Blvd.
Kew Gardens, NY 11415

Re: Surinder Singh: 8610587K

Dear Judge Chin Brandt:

Today you have released on his own recognizance one of the most violent and dangerous criminals imaginable. What is the matter with you? Did not you look at his file? Are you suffering from brain rot?

Did not you notice that Surinder Singh has an FBI case number? Can't you see that his deportation has been ordered by the INS? Did not you notice that he entered the country illegally using a forged passport? It says so on his rap sheet!

Can't you see that Surinder Singh has a history of failure to appear and warrants for his arrest? He was a fugitive for two years for not coming to court on a DWI charge, a fact you might have noticed had you looked at his file!

Don't you realize that this monster twice to stab me with a knife on two different occasions? How can you fail to realize that my family has called 911 more than 40 times over a period of two years because of this monster?

How can you possibly release on his own recognizance a man who was just arrested and then released, also on his own recognizance, on March 15, also for violating this same order of protection?

My family is right now sitting in our home, shivering in fright, knowing that this man will be back again, perhaps tonight or perhaps one week from now.

Yesterday, I sat in your courtroom for more than 9 hours from 3:00 PM to nearly 1:00 AM, when the court closed for the night, waiting for this case to be called. The case was not called, even though 29 hours had passed since his arrest, due to a paperwork foul-up. Because I did not get home until after 2:00 AM, I was not able to be back to court in time for the beginning of this morning's session. When I got to your courtroom at 10:30 AM, I found out that he had already been OR'ed, although the DA had requested $1500 bail on one case and $1000 on the other case against him.

He would not have made bail, because he is a homeless bum who sleeps in the subway and cannot have a job because he is drunk all the time.

But, never fear, he will be back at our project again, doing the same thing. He will threaten me again and assault my wife again and then you or some other mushy brained judge will release him again just as you and others have released him before.

On the evening on March 27 at about 7:30 PM, my wife and our 8-year-old daughter Anusha were on their way to the video store to return a video when Surinder Singh came up behind them and handed a one dollar bill to my daughter Anusha. This was already a violation of the order of protections dated January 18, 2000, which says that he is supposed to stay away from me and all members of my family until 1-17-2001.

My wife, who lives in mortal fear of Surinder Singh, did not see him at first, and when she saw him, she started to run. He chased her across the housing project, grabbed her, and ripped her gold chain off her neck.

Is not that enough of a crime to justify at least setting bail on this man, especially since the gold chain was found in his pocket when he was arrested?

I came out, but he was nowhere to be seen. I called 911 and waited for 20 minutes. A neighbor lady said that she had seen him run into another building. She pointed up and I could see him looking down on us from the window of the sixth floor of the stairwell of the next building.

When the police finally came, I told them that he appeared to be in that building. They entered the building and found him crawling on the floor of the hallway on the fourth floor, trying to hide from the police.

The police recognized him, because there have been incidents involving this man over the last two years. Many times, the police have caught him and let him go. I now understand why. Mushy brained judges like you keep letting him go. All these repeated arrests only make him that much madder and more inclined towards violence the next time he gets drunk. Do not think that he will reform. He is a chronic alcoholic who, his relatives say, is wanted for murdering a pregnant woman in India.

By repeatedly releasing this monster into society, you have placed my entire family at risk, including our four small children, aged 3 to 11, all of whom have been hit or struck by Surinder Singh at one time or another.

Mark my words, Judge Brandt: I intend to complain to Our Beloved Fascist Dictator about your negligence in failing to read the file, and in releasing this violent criminal again without requiring that he post bail.

I also wonder whether the ADA, Josh Martin, bothered to read the file and whether he informed you of how dangerous Surinder Singh is and that he had just gotten out of jail for violating the same order of protection on March 15.

Anyway, Judge Chin Brandt, I will make you famous. I will blast your name all over the World Wide Web.

Very Truly Yours,

Sam Sloan


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