Dorchen Leidholdt and Sister Theresa Courtney take over Sam Sloan's old office

One of the great ironies in life is how evil triumphs and crime really does pay.

Proof of this is how evil monsters Dorchen Leidholdt and Sister Theresa Courtney have recently succeeded in talking over Sam Sloan's old office.

In the late-1970s and early-1980s, Sam Sloan helped build up and establish a shareholder relations firm, Shareholder Communications Corp., now a major Wall Street firm. Sam Sloan's office was at 40 Exchange Place, New York City, on the 4th Floor.

That office has now been taken over by Dorchen Leidholdt and Sister Theresa Courtney.

At about midnight on January 19, 1986, Sam Sloan was working in his office at 40 Exchange Place on the 4th floor, when a phone call came from Lynchburg, Virginia from Howell Robinson, his father's best friend, that his father, Leroy B. Sloan, had just died. Sam Sloan immediately got up from his desk, went to his car which was parked outside, and drove the 413 miles to Lynchburg, Virginia and attended to the matters pertaining to his father's affairs.

Sam Sloan never returned to his office again and has never worked in Wall Street since, because of the flurry of litigation which began immediately after his father's death, starting with a letter from the law firm of Pendleton and Gamble dated January 22, 1986, demanding a 40% share in his father's estate. Michael Gamble of that firm subsequently was appointed as a Virginia Circuit Court Judge and participated in the conspiracy to kidnap Sam Sloan's mother, Dr. Marjorie Sloan, and Sam Sloan's daughter, Shamema Honzagool Sloan.

One thing which has frustrated Michael Gamble and his gang of criminals involved in this conspiracy was that Sam Sloan's family kept coming back to him even as the Gamble Gang kept taking them away. For example, Michael Sloan was twice kidnapped and then released. The first time was in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates on October 7, 1990 and the second time was in Lynchburg, Virginia on November 13, 1990. Each time, Sam Sloan was able to recover his son, Michael.

However, in June, 1991, Sam Sloan was passing through New York City with his pregnant wife, Dayawathie Rankoth, and their children Michael and George Sloan, in his car, when he checked them into the Jamaica Arms Hotel in Jamaica, Queens for the night. He was supposed to pick them up the following morning at 10:00 AM and take them to Lynchburg, but he was delayed in business meetings and did not arrive at the hotel until noon, two hours later.

Dayawathie had been waiting with her two children outside for two hours to be picked up by Sam Sloan. Just before he arrived in his car, she went back inside the hotel. There, she encountered Sister Theresa Courtney. After a lengthy conversation, during which Sam Sloan arrived in his car, Sister Theresa Courtney somehow convinced Dayawathie and the two children to get into Theresa's van which was waiting outside the back door. Dayawathie spoke limited English and it is not clear to what extent she knew what was happening to her. What is clear is that Sister Theresa Courtney knew that Sam Sloan was waiting outside the front door of the hotel to pick up his pregnant wife and two children and that, for that reason, Sister Theresa Courtney took them out the back door of the hotel and put them into a closed van.

It took four years for Sam Sloan and his wife and three children to find each other. They did not meet again until April, 1995. By this time, Anusha, the child with whom Dayawathie had been pregnant, had been born. Sister Theresa Courtney had gone to great lengths to keep secret their whereabouts from each other. However, Sister Theresa Courtney had not kept up with the emerging technology and did not know that they could find each other through the Internet. Had it not been for the Internet, they might not have been able to find each other to this day.

When Sam Sloan finally found his wife and there children, they were living in a public housing project in one of the worst sections of the South Bronx, on Tinton Avenue near 164th Street. Sam Sloan started sleeping with his wife, Dayawathie, again and she immediately became pregnant with their fourth child.

By this time, Michael Sloan, who had been a bright and normal child up until being kidnapped three times, had become severely emotionally disturbed. Dayawathie asked Sam Sloan to take Michael and his brother George to California, where Michael had been born, hoping that the change of environment would be beneficial. However, Dayawathie also told Sam Sloan not to let Sister Theresa Courtney or anybody connected with her know that he had taken the children to California.

Sam Sloan took his two sons to California. However, after one month in California, Sam Sloan made a serious error. He enrolled his two sons in the Haight School in Alameda, California, the same school which another daughter, Jessica, was attending.

The Haight School routinely contacted the school in the South Bronx which Michael had previously been attending. In a clear violation of New York City Public School Regulations, the school in the South Bronx notified Sister Theresa Courtney that the two boys were in California. Sister Theresa Courtney confronted Dayawathie with this fact, which Dayawathie had been struggling to keep a secret from Sister Theresa. After that, Sister Theresa and her boss Dorchen Leidholdt had Sam Sloan arrested at the home of Arden Van Upp at 2550 Webster Street in Pacific Heights in San Francisco, California and had the two boys extradited to New York.

Sam Sloan was never charged with a crime. He was released without any charges being brought, but by that time his two sons had been extradited to New York.

Soon, Sister Theresa Courtney discovered that Dayawathie was pregnant with Sam Sloan's fourth child. Sister Theresa Courtney contacted an abortion clinic and arranged for an abortion. The abortion of Sam Sloan's child took place on July 7, 1995. However, Sister Theresa Courtney said that since she is a nun of the Roman Catholic Church, she could not be directly involved in an abortion. She therefore arranged for another member of her organization, Sanctuary for Families, Inc., to escort Dayawathie to the abortion clinic to make sure that the abortion took place.

Soon thereafter, Dayawathie met a construction worker named Kamal from Bangladesh, who had entered the USA illegally through Canada, and immediately became pregnant with his child. That child, Geeta Kamal Rankoth, was born on June 9, 1996, just 11 months after Dayawathie's child by Sam Sloan had been aborted. By that time, Kamal had disappeared.

This ongoing saga, in which Dayawathie tries to keep her children in touch with their father while living in constant fear that Dorchen Leidholdt and Sister Theresa Courtney will find out about it, continues to this day. According to Dayawathie, Dorchen Leidholdt has forced her and her children to move five times since 1995, three times to homeless shelters and twice to public housing projects, each time to prevent Sam Sloan from knowing where they were.

On Wednesday, December 15, 1999 (five days ago) Sam Sloan was in Dayawathie's appointment, online on the Internet, when Michael Sloan came running into the house to report that Sister Theresa was walking towards the building. Dayawathie told Sam Sloan to run out the door right away, but Michael screamed that there was no time for that because Sister Theresa Courtney was too close. Therefore, Michael and Dayawathie told Sam Sloan to hide in the closet. Sam Sloan hid in the closet in the boy's room, while Sister Theresa Courtney brought in Christmas presents for the kids. Sister Theresa Courtney explained that she had called in advance, but that the telephone line was busy. The reason for this was, of course, that Sam Sloan had been on the Internet, thereby tying up the telephone line.

Theresa Courtney came again on Friday, December 17. This time, Dayawathie had enough advance notice and she ordered Sam Sloan to remove his computer and his suitcases to his new residence on Willoughby Street in Brooklyn. (Sam Sloan had just arrived back from Japan on Sunday, December 12.)

Dorchen Leidholdt and her partner in crime Sister Theresa Courtney show no care or concern about the fact that in the vacuum created by the absence of Sam Sloan, an alcoholic Indian named Surinder Singh, also known as Kala, has moved in and often beats Dayawathie and the children, as a result of which the police have been summoned 40-50 times to the apartment, most recently three times on the night of December 12-13, 1999. Dorchen Leidholdt and her partner in crime Sister Theresa Courtney have no concern about the fact that both "Jimmy" and "One-Legged Brenda", who had moved in with Dayawathie and the four children in mid-1997, have since contracted AIDS and that one-legged Brenda is now in the final stages of that disease. (Fortunately, Dayawathie has tested HIV-negative in spite of her sexual contact with Jimmy.) In 1997, when Sam Sloan called 911 to complain that Jimmy and One-Legged Brenda had moved into and virtually taken over the apartment, Dorchen Leidholdt had Sam Sloan arrested instead. The sole concern of Dorchen Leidholdt and Sister Theresa Courtney is to keep Sam Sloan away from his wife and three children, even though Dorchen Leidholdt and Sister Theresa Courtney have never met Sam Sloan but have only heard about him from Charles and Shelby Roberts, the kidnappers of his daughter, Shamema.

Perhaps the greatest irony of this is that during the Summer of 1999, Dorchen Leidholdt and Sister Theresa Courtney moved into their bright and shining new office. Their new office is at 40 Exchange Place on the 4th floor and is exactly the same office that Sam Sloan had for years until the day of his father's death on January 19, 1986.

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