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I'm a Canadian woman who's been living in Taiwan for over three years, and I've seen many men come over here from western countries and marry Taiwanese women; there's a reason that men come over here from North America and wind up marrying a Taiwanese woman.

Many western men are seduced by the flattery and the fawning that Taiwanese women are only to eager to lavish on them. A controlled study on preference was done in a bar in which one Taiwanese man tried to pick up a Taiwanese woman or one of the four friends she was with, but none of the women would talk to him. After a frustrating attempt the Taiwanese man left the bar. A western man, who was slightly overweight and bald, was sent in to the bar to see if he could have any luck. When he approached the women's table he was welcomed heartily and asked to sit down. He wound up leaving the bar with one of the women 30 minutes later. This study demonstrated the reverse racism that is prevalent in Taiwanese society.

Why would a western man want to return to an equal relationship in the west when he's got a woman who won't question him, will pick up after him, and will make his dinner every night, as well as add to the coffers? Taiwanese women are 40 years behind on their relations with men compared with their counterparts in the west, as men are not required to help around the house and are generally treated like a king around the house. I've met many men who married Taiwanese women and their wives do all the work around the home, as well as work outside the home. Gender equality has not reached Taiwan yet.

English teachers are revered in Taiwanese society as many people are struggle to learn English; speaking English is a valued commodity. Initially, what turns out to be a flirtation can lead to a serious relationship and even marriage, but Taiwanese women know that one way in which they can improve their English is to obtain a western boyfriend. These men are also, sadly to say, better than what they have to pick from amongst the Taiwanese men.

Taiwanese men are revolting and a reason why most western women find these men revolting is their hideous manners. Taiwanese men pick their noses, burp and fart and spit and eat with their mouths open, often spitting food as they speak, but even so, this is not why Taiwanese women prefer westerners.

So men, don't think that it's your sparkling personalities and brawn that make these poor hapless Asian women fall all over you. Do they have a choice?

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