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Do you have a seduction story you would like to share? Please submit it here. True Stories wanted - No fantasies or general advice please.

Submitted on 02/15/99 by L. Garcia from California:

The first time I ever seduced my boyfriend was about four months into the relationship. He had never made any sexual advances to me and I had to do something, so I rented a room and the Bonna Venture and me and my best friend put roses all over the room and pedals on the bed, the Mote was being chilled. He arrived about ten minutes after my friend had left. When he walked in I was wearing a black silk robe, he looked so confused. I told him that if he wanted me all he had to do was say yes, and that is what he did the whole night.

Cruel Intentions (1999), a movie about seductions

Submitted on 02/15/99 by H. Breo from Louisiana:

This is best performed on a stormy night with a white t-shirt on. (No bra, as if I had to say.) Show up at his door, under the guise of being caught in the rain, and he's the only one you know in the neighborhood. If he's the nice type, or even the slightly naughty type, he'll hold the door open for you after he picks his chin up off the floor. Play the innocent, ladies (am I using the term loosely here?) It'll drive him nuts if it seems like you're there with the purest of intentions. If you want to be particularly cruel to him, ask if you can use his shower. Get him to lend you one of his shirts (nothing sexier to a guy than a woman in his shirt). If he's not begging to be yours by the time the steam clears, you're doing something wrong, or, I'm sorry, but he's obviously gay. And, the best part: he'll think the seduction was all his idea. You:1, Him :0

Submitted on 02/14/99 by C. Funkhouser from Florida:

The night started with the regular popcorn and movie. It was my night to pick and I chose "Wild Things", cause it was going to be a wild night. Jenna invited her friend Anne to come with her, and I was in heaven cause I new it was going to be an interesting night with them two. I started popping the popcorn and was getting turned-on as I watched Anne reading some magazine article at the island in the kitchen. Well we made our way into the living room and popped in the movie. It got to the part where Neve Campbell and Denise Richards are making out in the pool, then I paused it and turned to Jenna and asked her if she would ever make out with another girl? She replied, "Depends on the situation". Then I turned to Anne and said, "How about you?" Anne said, "Yeah I have thought about it a couple of times." Then I dared them to make out with each other. Anne moved closer to Jenna, close enough to where their lips were almost touching. Then with the two staring eye to eye, Anne licked Jenna's upper lip, then protruded her tongue into Jenna's mouth, and there they were making out on the couch. They were game and we hit the hot tub...

Submitted on 02/14/99 by M. Koren from New Jersey:

It was a breezy summer night. We walked into his apartment. "Do you want anything to drink?", he asked. "Sure. What do you offer?", I replied. "Is Champagne good?", he smiled. "Very good", I smiled back. I looked at him. He was tall and buff. he had Blonde hair and teasing blue eyes. He had a soft, sweet voice and a big, beautiful smile. The man of my dreams. "Here you go.", he handed me my drink. We both took a little sip while looking in each other's eyes. I put my glass down and said "It's a little hot in here, isn't it?". I took my cardigan off. I was wearing a tiny, blue tank top under it. He was looking at me. He started at my eyes, then lips, chest...all the way down to my feet and then went all the way back. I smiled to him, thinking, "S-T-R-I-K-E!!!". "I had a really good time tonight. The restaurant was great, the food there was excellent!", I said. "I'm glad you had a good time", he replied, "why didn't you get any desert?". "I wasn't really in the mood.", I said. "ohh, okay.", he said slightly disappointed. "I'm in the mood now though.", I said softly. I got closer to him. I touched his hair softly, moving it down to his cheek. "Question is", I continued, "Are you in the mood?". I unbuttoned his shirt and touched him with my hand, moving it all over his chest. I started kissed his neck. I heard his breathing. He reached for my shoulders. He moved his hands to my cheeks. I stopped kissing him. I looked up at him. He looked back at me. He pulled me closer to him and we started kissing. Then, he lifted me, and carried me to the couch. "yes", he said.

Submitted on 02/12/99 by N. Annett:

A dear friend of mine and I once made a wager that woman are more sexy than men. I started to unbuttoning his shirt, and kissing his body as I did so. I unbuckled his belt and undid the buttons on his sleeves, slowly I walked around to his back running my fingers across it as I did so, then slowly slipped the shirt off. then I took of his belt and trousers, only to find a very toned torso underneath. I suddenly realized that he was the kind of guy I go for blonde hair/blue eyes and great bodied. Just then he started to unbutton my shirt and take it off, then he walked around to my back and started to softly kiss my neck and slide his arms around my waist, then he turned me around and slowly but very passionately kissed me on the lips and as for the rest you will just have use your imagination.

Submitted on 02/12/99 by C. Fabian from Pennsylvania:

Well my story all begins with my now boyfriend Rob but what I did to get him was way to naughty. Let's start at the beginning. Well there I was in my karate outfit looking exceptionally good and stunning. Well maybe not stunning after all I was wearing a karate "gi". There was this brutally hot guy, now I had never seen him before and I was really curious about him so I looked him over and I walked up and said "Hi, My name is Cassandra". He looked at me with those hungry eyes and said "Hi... I'm Rob" I held out my hand and he took it in his and the electricity just shot up my arm. I couldn't believe it. Then my best friend Kristen had to come along and when she saw Rob she went on her merry little way trying to get him. She introduced herself, flaunted herself in front of him and paraded around with her "gi" half open. I was very angry at her. So I knew my tactics had to change. So one day in karate I went up to him and said "You want to hang tomorrow night, like go to a movie or to the mall?" He looks at me and says "Sure" So it was a date. That day I looked hot. I had on my black miniskirt, and a halter top. Heh I was showing off all the good parts. Then...... my doorbell rang and it was him. He was wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans and he looked hot. So I said "Hi" in my coy little voice. And he said "Hi, boy do you look hot." and I said "do I?" He said "Oh yeah." So I casually mentioned about going up to my room to put a necklace on because I had forgotten it and I couldn't possibly put it on all by myself and he said "I'll help" I said "OK, thanks." But under my breath I said "I was so hoping you would." My room door was closed but I slowly opened it, he was behind and I walked in. He looked around. Everywhere he looked he saw candles and a unmade bed with satin sheets. "Well you know I like to be prepared." And then he said "Oh do you?" I sadled up close to his side and said "Yes I'm always prepared" He said that's good you are going to need to be." Then I started unbuttoning his shirt. I said "You don't mind do you? I'd like to touch you." He said "Be my guess." I slid the shirt off and I let my hand caress around his chest and then I started to kiss him. He went for it. And what can I say you know the rest. That's my story... *giggle, giggle*

Submitted on 02/16/99 by M. Frey from Washington:

The best seductions are like playing a role in a play First you decide your part. Then you learn all there is to know about it. Then you act it out. Although I'm not the greatest seducer I have had my fair share of seductions. I have a little story of seduction to tell you. I had just turned 18 and she was 21. I Don't have to tell you she was gorgeous. The only problem was she was shy. The other was she was my friends girlfriend of 9 months. I remember the first time I saw her I wanted her. So In secret I began courting her. I would hang out with her and invite her to party. I am a student of massage and I would tell her I needed some practice *innocent enough* and we would enjoy our long massages that became more and more intimate. My friend had no idea we had become so close. Then, fortunately for me and not so much for her, her grandmother died. My friend was at work at the time so she came to the next comforting person she knew i.e. me. Of course I held her and hugged her and told her it was OK. Sure, it may have been taking advantage of the situation but hey...I got what I wanted. She's been mine ever since.

Do you have a seduction story you would like to share? Please submit it here. True Stories wanted - No fantasies or general advice please.

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