Japanese Girl turns into a Banshee !!

A common belief, which everyone seems to think about Japanese girls, is that they are submissive and obedient, kind and sweet, and do everything that their man tells them to do.

I am even accused of having married a Japanese woman because I want a "submissive" partner.

Those who claim that Japanese women are submissive have obviously never had a Japanese wife or girlfriend. I have asked several male friends who are married or have been married to Japanese women and they all agree that this stereotype is nonsense. Japanese women are sweet and nice in public where others are around. However, once you get them in private, they are the opposite.

I called my friend Mario, who is a big time operator in this field, having been married to several Japanese women, and he had this to say:

"They are sweet and nice when you first meet them, because they want to get into your good graces, but, after you marry them, they turn into a banshee."

Now, the question is: "What is a Banshee?" So, I looked it up.

It turns out that a Banshee is a female spirit in Gaelic folklore who wails, screams and yells very loudly and is believed to warn a family that one of them will soon die.

This describes my wife very perfectly. Any comments?

Sam Sloan

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