Notice of Claim against NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission

Samuel H. Sloan
39-75 56th Street, Apt. 5A
Woodside NY 11377

(718) 803-8119

December 7, 2001

Office of the Comptroller
City of New York
Room 1225 South
One Center Street
New York NY 10007

Dear Sir:

I hereby complain about the wrongful acts of officials of the City of New York in refusing to issue to me a taxi drivers license since May 25, 2001, even though I have met every legal requirement for the issuance of such a license.

I intend to file suit against these city officials but I understand that first I must make an administrative complaint to your office against them.

Had I been issued a taxi drivers license, I would have earned about $1000 per week. Since 30 weeks have passed, I demand a judgment in the amount of $30,000.

In addition, the refusal to issue me a taxi drivers license is just part of a pattern of criminal theft on the part of these same officials of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission. The number one thief is of course Mayor Rudy Giuliani and under his direction these same officials have stolen millions of dollars from New York City's taxi drivers. For this reason, I am demanding ten millions dollars in punitive and exemplary damages.

Furthermore, when my original taxi drivers license expired on October 31, 1999, I should have been given six months to renew. However on the same day that my license expired, they changed the rules from six months to one month. I was in Japan and therefore did not know about this rule change.

Since then, the courts have rules that this rule change was illegal, null and void, since it was done without a public interest hearing. See Singh vs. TLC, 723 NYS2d 476, 282 AD2d 368 (First Department 2001), decided April 24, 2001. Appeal was denied by the New York Court of Appeals.

Nevertheless, the same officials have continued to enforce this illegal rule. Since I should have had my license back in December 1999, which is when I returned from Japan, I am demanding damages of $1000 per week or $104,000 (one hundred four thousand dollars).

The city officials against whom I am making this complaint are Mayor Rudy Giuliani and present and former commissioners Diane McGrath-McKechnie, Elias Arout, Harry Giannoulis, Marvin Greenberg, Harry Rubinstein, Elliott G. Sander, Alberto Torres, Ramona M. Whaley and Matthew W. Daus, Deputy Commissioner Charles Tortorici, Administrative Law Judges Michelle Manzione, Bin Huang and Valerie Greaves, and employees Roger Morgan, Cici Pulyam, Jeanmarie Ariola and Marc T. Hardekopf plus an employee of the Port of Authority of New York, Building 14, named Robin last name unknown.

I am enclosing herewith a letter I have written and mailed to these same city officials. This letter is annexed hereto and shows the basis for my claim and some of the evidence on which it rests.

Very Truly Yours,

Samuel H. Sloan

UPDATE: Sam Sloan has won his court case against the TLC.

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